A night with a politician

2011. 06. 15. At night – József Gerendás and a politician having drinks

József Gerendás’s testimony: “I was having drinks with my politician friend (…) and I showed him the pictures of the girls who are connected to Répás. I told him that I had already ordered girls for myself this way several times. My friend was spending the night in my hotel, in Hotel President, and he decided that he did not want to spend the night all alone. He chose a girl and asked me to arrange that this girl come to visit him. I called Répás, and asked him to send me that girl.”

2011. 06. 15. At night

József Gerendás calls Lajos Répás

2011. 06. 15. 01:03 – Lajos Répás calls a prostitute, Niki

Summary of tapped phone call: „Répás wants to know whether Niki is still awake. She should go to Hotel President, near Arany János street, for a 1,5 hour work worth 320 euros. Niki is not sleeping and accepts the work. Répás tells her that she should go to be with the friend of Józsi, the hotel owner. Niki says that she will be there in no more than 30 minutes.”

2011. 06. 15. 01:05 – Répás calls Gerendás

Summary of tapped phone call: Répás lets Gerendás know that Niki will be there in half an hour.

2011. 06. 15. (01:30 körül) – Niki and her flatmate, Brigitta, arrive in the hotel, meeting Gerendás and the politician

Niki’s testimony: „I took the job but the I have known the hotel’s owner and I didn’t want him to know that I work as a prostitute. So I took Brigitta, a friend and flatmate, with me. The client went up with her in the end. In the meantime I was chatting with Józsi.”

Brigitta’s testimony: “I went up with the client to his room, and he gave me the 400 euros in advance. We had an intercourse once, but as he was very quick, he wanted to have sex one more time. I asked an additional 200 euros for this. Then we left the hotel.”

Next day: 2011. 06. 15. 10:53 – Gerendás calls Répás

Summary of tapped call: „Józsi (Gerendás) tells how Répás and the girls put him an embarrassing situation in front of his MP friend. Józsi says that a „breastless slut” was sent to his friend. Józsi just spoke with his friend, who is already in the Parliament, and who was complaining that the girl wanted to do only one action and asked for extra money for the second round. Józsi says that it was not fair to charge extra after the first action. Répás says that he agrees, the deal included „one and a half hour, with everything one can get out of it”. Répás plaintively added that none of his models are trustworthy. They say bye to each other.”