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    February 28, 2019

    March 28, 2019

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In Hungary, the space for journalism that is holding the powerful accountable is shrinking rapidly. But we at Direkt36 are focusing all of our resources on this mission.

We have revealed how Viktor Orbán’s family is secretly benefitting from EU funds. We have uncovered some of the deepest secrets of the controversial Russian-Hungarian relations. We have exposed the security risks posed by the Hungarian government’s Golden Visa program. And we told many other important stories.

We can only do this work if we have supporters. If you donated in last year’s campaign, please, renew your supporting membership. If you are not a member yet, join our supporting community now.

Our goal is to raise at least 30 thousand euros in a month. If we succeed, we’ll be able to grow our team and hold the powerful to account even more forcefully.

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