An MP’s company received millions of public funds. His wealth declaration shows nothing of it

Hungarian PM’s errors also show the weakness of the wealth declaration system

Here’s how the relatives of a state minister benefited from EU projects

In recent years, people close to State Minister, László Tasó have found themselves in an advantageous position during major EU-funded renovations in Nyíradony, like in the case of a renovated hunting mansion. Tasó used to be the mayor of the city for 20 years, his local influence is still obvious, but he claims all these to be trumped-up connections.

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Another Fidesz MP omitted an asset from his wealth declaration

Imre Pesti, a member of the governing party, failed to declare his right to use a property. Such assets have to be reported and several of his fellow politicians followed this rule, still, Pesti thinks that he did not do anything wrong.

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A senior government official concealed his lands and millions

Direkt36 and its partners have built a database to uncover the hidden controversies of politicians’ wealth declarations. Minister of State László Tasó, for example, concealed some of his lands for years and forgot to declare millions of state subsidies.

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Hungarian businessman owns Caribbean offshore bank, Panama Papers show

Loyal Bank was often recommended to customers by Mossack Fonseca, the Panama law firm at the heart of the leaks. The documents reveal that the bank is owned by Otto Hujber, a Hungarian businessman.

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Police closed investigation into the public tenders linked to Orban’s son-in-law

One and a half year of investigation was not enough to find a reasonable suspicion in the case of the controversial public procurement businesses of Elios Innovatív. According to the Hungarian police, it is the true nature of the free market that a company can set different prices for similar lamps. Continue reading

Former notary and entrepreneur acquitted in corruption case

Tapped phone calls reveal new details of the corruption case in Central Budapest

Prime minister’s son-in-law gets hefty dividend from his company

Here’s how Orban’s office helped his son-in-law’s company win tenders

Name of London luxury hotel where Lázár stayed has been revealed

After a lawsuit that lasted for more than two years, the government disclosed where János Lázár, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, stayed during his trip to London in 2012. It was a 5-star luxury hotel.

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The police dropped the accusations in the controversial public media contract case

The police dropped the accusation about the contract the public media signed with a company linked to person close to Fidesz. The state company paid millions for products that could have been obtained almost for free.

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Database revealing thousands of secret offshore companies published

Offshore secrets of Hungarian billionaires revealed

Panama Papers Source Offers Documents to Authorities and Calls for Action

Public records on politically sensitive lands withheld from Direkt36

We wanted to look into public property data in the home town of the Hungarian prime minister. At first, we had access to the data, but since the beginning of April the authorities refuse to give out data, which is public by law. The land registry claims to protect the privacy of the estate owners from us.

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Controversial Hungarian company made record profit from state commissions

The company formerly owned by the son-in-law of the Hungarian prime minister had a blast last year: its revenues skyrocketed to 24,8 million euros, and the current owner, a billionaire businessman took out 3,1 million in dividends. Virtually all the income of the company comes from public procurements and other state commissions.

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How the Hungarian part of the Panama Papers project started

Panama papers show a hidden business link between a former Hungarian state bank chief and an Austrian media investor

Erős János korábbi MFB-vezér egy befolyásos osztrák üzletemberrel, Heinrich Pecinával üzletelt egy panamai cégen keresztül. Régóta ismerik egymást, vadászni is szoktak együtt.

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