Owned by András Bódis.
Hotel Central Basilica
András Bódis's workplace. The company is owned indirectly by BAU R.S.I., a Uruguayan firm.
CP Hotel Service
Registered at the address of Hotel Central Basilica. Its manager is the hotel's director.
REI Real Estate Invest Hungary
Hungarian owner of Hotel Central Basilica.
Registered in Uruguay, and it is the owner of REI Real Estate Invest. János Borzován was the president of BAU R.S.I., which is now registered at the address that is listed as János Borzován's address in Uruguay.
Circlepoint Enterprises
Company registered in Cyprus, owned by BAU R.S.I. For years, it was the owner of Georosco Hotel. János Borzován was acting as its representative.
Tér Bau Holding
Its CEO is János Borzován, who also was the owner of the company until 2014.
BAU 2000
Its manager and owner is János Borzován.
Georosco Hotel
Since March 2015, it has been owned by EU-Line and BAU R.S.I. Before that the owner had been Circlepoint Enterprises.