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We launched Direkt36 at the beginning of 2015 to strengthen Hungary’s democracy through holding the powerful accountable and exposing social injustices.

Investigative journalism is time-consuming and requires the full independence of the editorial team. Therefore, Direkt36 is maintained through the support of institutional donors and the donations of private individuals. The more supporters we have, the more determined and hard-hitting we can be in our work.

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We account for your donations at the end of every year, so it will be transparent on what we spent your money. In case of donations larger than 5% of our expenses we sign a contract with the donor. The contract will make it clear that the donor will not influence our activities in any way, and that their name will appear on our webpage. In case of smaller donations, donors’ names are only published at the donors’ request.

We do not accept donations from the Hungarian government, or companies owned by the Hungarian state or from Hungarian state funds, because monitoring these entities is an important part of our job, thus donations from them would cause conflict of interests.

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Direkt36 is a non-profit investigative journalism center with the mission to hold powerful people and institutions accountable.