Russians demand their money in Hungary’s controversial golden visa scheme

“We need to pressure” the Hungarians – Leaked documents reveal collapse of Russian-led bank in Budapest

Cyber companies accompanied the Israeli Prime Minister to Budapest, later one of them trained foreign intelligence officials in Hungary

A company that sells surveillance intelligence technology accompanied Benjamin Netanyahu to his visit to Hungary in 2017. Direkt36 found out details about how later this company trained Bangladeshi secret agents in Budapest, during which they probably illegally intercepted Hungarian telephone conversations.

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While former Fidesz politician rents properties to Rosatom, his son is paid for cleaning toilets

Database exposes Hungarian oligarchs hiding huge fortunes

How Viktor Orbán decided to arm Hungary

We looked into the contracts signed by the Hungarian government with “Mr. Russia”

How did Szijjártó’s futsal player friend become a top businessman?

Hungary’s diplomats with controversial backgrounds caught up in an investigation by international journalists

Szexuális bűnözők, drogdílerek, gyilkosok is megbújnak a világ tiszteletbeli konzuljai között

Russian spy chief’s son has a Budapest home address. In the company property of an old friend of Orbán’s chief of staff

Official document shows that Andrey Naryshkin, who acquired residency permit in the Hungarian golden visa scheme, had his registered home address in a property owned by pro-government businessman Shabtai Michaeli’s company just a few months ago. According to the government, Naryshkin’s residency permit was revoked by the counterintelligence service two years ago, but the case was stalled in court.

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Inside Viktor Orbán’s Response to the War in Ukraine

A 10 legfontosabb részlet az Orbán háborús döntéseiről szóló tényfeltáró cikkből 

The inside story of how Pegasus was brought to Hungary

Direkt36 has revealed that the cyber weapon was purchased by the Hungarian state through a broker company that later became partly owned by Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér’s close confidant, László Tasnádi, who once worked for the Communist state security apparatus. The company also involved a businessman who had previous ties to the current left-wing opposition. Pegasus was considered such an expensive and top-class weapon by the intelligence agencies that it was kept secret even in internal circles.

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Áron Orbán promotes both diet-food and weapons. Meanwhile, pro-government businessmen are popping up around him

“The Russian Government Wants To See Me Dead” – says the source of the Panama Papers

How state funds help the miracle business of a top minister’s former wife

Western allies puzzled by Hungary’s mild reaction to Russian hacking

“Az erőszak garantálja a sikert” – Így tarolta le a fél világot az Uber

124 ezer belső irat szivárgott ki az Uber amerikai techóriástól, az International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) nevű nemzetközi újságíró szervezet és 180 újságíró dolgozta fel őket. Az együttműködés egyedüli magyar tagja a Direkt36 volt. Az iratok az Uber ellentmondásos belső működésébe és agresszív lobbizási gyakorlatába nyújtanak betekintést.

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Leaked files of Uber reveal secret lobbying operations in Hungary

As part of an international investigative project, Direkt36 has gained access to the lobbying files of Uber, the world’s most well-known ride-sharing company. These documents revealed that the US company’s representatives had access to Hungarian ministers and other decision-makers. In the end, however, the Orbán government turned out to be more afraid of upsetting Hungarian taxi drivers, and this was partly the reason why Uber was defeated, and eventually left Hungary.

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