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Hungarian businessmen with political ties appear in leaked Maltese business data

Paradise Papers revealed that hundreds of Hungarians do business in Malta. Many of them have political ties, including the ex-leaders of a company that prepares Hungary’s power plant expansion project, a former treasurer of Ferenc Gyurcsany’s socialist government and sport entrepreneurs connected to far-fight Jobbik.

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Hidden businesses of influential Hungarians revealed in new massive offshore leak

The Mysterious German Behind Viktor Orban’s Russian Deals

Klaus Mangold, a German businessman with good connections in Russia, has played a crucial role in the controversial nuclear deal between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Direkt36 investigation has found.

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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s brother involved in company with offshore links and Central Asian past

Reshuffle at the Orbán companies: PM’s brother quits a firm while his father gets positions in two other

Orbán’s best paid advisor spends an outstanding amount on representation too

How an oligarch’s fall made way for the Orbán family’s businesses

Lajos Simicska, a former ally of prime minister Viktor Orbán, controlled how much state contracts the companies of the Orbán family could get. But when Simicska and the prime minister had a falling out, the companies started to prosper.

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Police gave up hope of finding perpetrator in Budapest construction crime

Public money keeps flowing to Orbán’s family: now they work on a state-owned power plant’s project

Péter Heim was very close to the Orbán-government. But a stormy autumn has changed everything

He served as deputy state minister. Meanwhile his company earned 325 thousand euros from state owned companies

Constructor of a swimming pool used for the FINA World Championships left behind debts of 1,7 million euros

A long-awaited swimming pool has been opened in January in Balatonfüred, and almost immediately the general contractor of the construction went under liquidation. Despite the millions of euros of public money invested into the construction, the general contractor left dozens of not fully paid subcontractors behind.

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How a long-time Fidesz operative has become in charge of billions of EU money

How Orbán tried to explain away his father’s involvement in public projects

He had a lucrative business with Orbán’s father but then they entered a dispute that courts have been sitting on for 9 years

Companies of the Orbán family slowed down but they keep churning out hefty profits

He was an interpreter for the Hungarian Prime Minister’s friend. Now he is a major player in state-funded railway projects

Company of Orbán’s father found in yet another huge EU-financed project

Hungarian MPs waste millions on hidden, dusty and expensive offices