Inside the crisis of the Hungarian opposition

Hungary refuses to disclose Chinese chemical hub project documents, Direkt36 sues

Since Direkt36 reported based on leaked documents that a large-scale Chinese chemical trade hub would be set up in Budapest and the town of Záhony, the Orbán government has denied the plans. However, a letter sent by Orbán’s chief of staff on the matter has been withheld from the public because it is considered as “data supporting decision-making”. Direkt36 is suing the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office for the documents.

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The owners of private equity funds, which hide huge wealth, have been removed from the state register, after Direkt36 published an article about them

What happened in Hungary since the Pegasus spyware revelations

The Hungarian broker company involved in the purchase of the spyware that hacked phones launched a series of lawsuits against us and other media outlets, but lost all of them. In the meantime, however, real investigation into the circumstances of the surveillance has been very slow due to the authorities’ resistance. Direkt36 summarizes the most important developments two years after the scandal broke.

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Inside the surprise change at the top of Hungary’s nuclear plant

Hungary could become a European hub for Chinese chemicals, leaked documents reveal

According to secret plans uncovered by Direkt36, the Orbán government is close to reaching an agreement with China to transport Chinese chemicals supplying battery factories and other industries in Europe by rail through a Hungarian hub. One possible distribution center is on the outskirts of Budapest, while one of the companies involved in the project has ties to PM Orbán’s chief of staff.

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A close acquaintance of Szijjártó acquired the company that is building a factory in Kecskemét, supported by HUF 1 billion from the state

Szilárd Benkő worked for many years alongside Péter Szijjártó and also yachted with him on the Adriatic Sea. The man with a background as an instrument maker entered the construction industry a few years ago and, according to Direkt36’s research, has received state funding from the foreign ministry directly and indirectly on several occasions.

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Former powerful CEO of Hungarian state companies, convicted for economic crimes, invited to government meetings

How Viktor Orbán angered his closest friends in Europe

A box of excrement was sent to the Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw, president Katalin Novák was lectured by the Polish prime minister, and Viktor Orbán’s European ambitions were jeopardized. Direkt36, in cooperation with Vsquare, have uncovered the behind the scenes story of the Hungarian-Polish alliance, which previously seemed unbreakable, since the outbreak of the war.

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Bracing for US sanctions, Russian financier in Budapest was busy securing personal offshore assets, leaked documents reveal

Before the Hungarian government exited the Russian bank, it was helped out by a government-close financial institution

A businessman known for yachting with Hungarian minister Péter Szijjártó was a member of a group of Fidesz activists destroying opposition’s posters

Russians demand their money in Hungary’s controversial golden visa scheme

“We need to pressure” the Hungarians – Leaked documents reveal collapse of Russian-led bank in Budapest

Cyber companies accompanied the Israeli Prime Minister to Budapest, later one of them trained foreign intelligence officials in Hungary

A company that sells surveillance intelligence technology accompanied Benjamin Netanyahu to his visit to Hungary in 2017. Direkt36 found out details about how later this company trained Bangladeshi secret agents in Budapest, during which they probably illegally intercepted Hungarian telephone conversations.

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While former Fidesz politician rents properties to Rosatom, his son is paid for cleaning toilets

Database exposes Hungarian oligarchs hiding huge fortunes

How Viktor Orbán decided to arm Hungary

We looked into the contracts signed by the Hungarian government with “Mr. Russia”

How did Szijjártó’s futsal player friend become a top businessman?