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“The Russian Government Wants To See Me Dead” – says the source of the Panama Papers

Senior official in Socialist governments had an offshore company, Pandora Papers reveal

Tax changes under Viktor Orbán turned Hungary into a tax planning tool

Prominent business allies of Viktor Orbán’s government had secret offshore businesses, Pandora Papers reveal

Nearly 12 million confidential documents were leaked about secret offshore companies, investigated by the world’s largest international collaboration of journalists. Direkt36 was also part of the project and revealed that influential Hungarian pro-government figures including Balázs Kertész and Gellért Jászai also had offshore interests.

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Offshore company involved in suspicious transactions was protected by Hungarian bank, leaked secret files show

An internal document reveals a problematic real estate transaction financed by Hungary’s state bank

According to an internal document obtained by Direkt36 the state-owned Eximbank identified several risks related to a Budapest real estate development project. Nevertheless, it decided to financially support it with a loan worth millions of euros.

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Panama Papers expose new details in major corruption case

The so-called Eclipse scandal was one of the biggest corruption cases of the last two decades in Hungary. The new Panama Papers now reveal that a businessman with extensive connections to the government signed a consultancy contract with Eclipse through an offshore company.

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New Panama Papers Inquiry Reveals Details of Hungary’s Golden Visa Program

Viktor Orbán’s advisor has a company in Hong Kong, in the very same room as businesses connected to Hungary’s residency bond programme

Árpád Habony is the sole shareholder of the firm, which chose exactly that secretary that also works for the local residency bond company. After an exclusive helicopter tour and a trip in a private jet, here is the new Hong Kong connection.

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Hungarian businessmen with political ties appear in leaked Maltese business data

Paradise Papers revealed that hundreds of Hungarians do business in Malta. Many of them have political ties, including the ex-leaders of a company that prepares Hungary’s power plant expansion project, a former treasurer of Ferenc Gyurcsany’s socialist government and sport entrepreneurs connected to far-fight Jobbik.

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Hidden businesses of influential Hungarians revealed in new massive offshore leak

Investigations sparked by Panama Papers shut down quickly in Hungary

Hungarian businessman close to the government and former EU commissioner appear in new batch of leaked offshore files

The leaked files contain data on more than 175 thousand companies registered in The Bahamas. The records exposed the hidden offshore connection of a former EU commissioner, Neelie Kroes, and the offshore interest of a well-connected Hungarian businessman.

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Hungarian businessman owns Caribbean offshore bank, Panama Papers show

Loyal Bank was often recommended to customers by Mossack Fonseca, the Panama law firm at the heart of the leaks. The documents reveal that the bank is owned by Otto Hujber, a Hungarian businessman.

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Database revealing thousands of secret offshore companies published

Offshore secrets of Hungarian billionaires revealed

Panama Papers Source Offers Documents to Authorities and Calls for Action

Panama Papers: Hungarian billionaires’s offshore secrets revealed

How the Hungarian part of the Panama Papers project started

Panama papers show a hidden business link between a former Hungarian state bank chief and an Austrian media investor

Erős János korábbi MFB-vezér egy befolyásos osztrák üzletemberrel, Heinrich Pecinával üzletelt egy panamai cégen keresztül. Régóta ismerik egymást, vadászni is szoktak együtt.

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