Pontosítások és helyreigazítások

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In the article The Mysterious German Behind Viktor Orban’s Russian Deals, published on 2017 October 17, we wrote that “According to German company records, [Mangold’s company’s] clients included the subsidiaries of such huge corporations as the Dutch Shell, the German Bosch, and the Russian Gazprom.” In fact, Bosch appears in the list as a company hired by Mangold, not the other way around. We removed the reference to Bosch from the article. We apologise for this editing error.


In our article Internal document shows that EU criticized public venture capital projects ran by influential Hungarian businessmen, published on April 12, 2017, we have mistakenly written that István Töröcskei also won in a tender mentioned in our investigation. The truth is that it was the colleagues of Töröcskei who won, Töröcskei appeared in the winning company only later. This does not affect the main findings of the article, however, we apologize for the mistake.


In our article Police investigate suspicious state contract exposed by Direkt36, published on May 10, 2016, we have mistakenly written that the police is already investigating in the matter, however, they were only collecting supplements for the original complaints. We apologise for the inaccuracy.