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Valid from October 10, 2022

1. Introduction

1.1. These General Terms and Conditions – hereinafter: GTC – of Direkt36 Újságíró Központ Nonprofit Kft. (short name: Direkt36 Nonprofit Kft.; registered office: 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 10. 2. em. 8., tax number: 25004582-2-41, company registration number: 01-09-194184, represented by: András Pethő, managing director) as supported – hereinafter: Beneficiary – and contain the terms of the donation contract between the persons who provide financial support (donation) at the expense of their own assets by clicking on the interface designed for this Beneficiary for (Beneficiary and Donor together hereinafter: Parties).

1.2. The Beneficiary’s long-term goal is investigative journalistic activity serving the presentation of important social and political events in Hungary and affecting Hungary, as well as the publication of the resulting content on Direkt36 Portal and elsewhere. The Beneficiary is independent of any influence that would modify the factual and unbiased nature of the displayed content.

1.3. The Beneficiary has created and maintains a donation Website within the Portal (hereinafter the Website), for the operation of which it is fully responsible.

2. Creation of the contract

2.1. The donation contract is established when the Donor provides financial support to the Beneficiary from their own assets through one of the donation options available on the Website.

2.2. The Website contains the present GTC, which the Donor accepts during the donation process. A donation contract in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions is established between the Donor and the Beneficiary upon receipt of the financial donation – in the case of regular donation, the first financial installment – without any further acts, and at the same time the Beneficiary declares that it gratefully accepts the support.

3. Subject and content of the contract

3.1. Purpose of the donation
The purpose of the donation is to help the Beneficiary’s investigative journalistic activities and the operation of the Portal maintained by the Beneficiary.

3.2. Supporter categories
The Beneficiary can be supported with a donation of any amount, either once or several times.

In order to facilitate the donation, the Beneficiary proposes to donate certain specified amounts on the Website. The Beneficiary links so-called Supporter Categories to each proposed amount. The Beneficiary links specific information solutions and other reciprocity to each Category, the details of which are available on the Website.

3.3. Method of payment
The support can be implemented using one of the options on the website.

4. Donor membership

4.1. In order for the Beneficiary to thank the Donors for their contribution to the operation of the Portal, Donors who provide regular monthly or annual support corresponding to the proposed categories are considered supporting members. Membership is valid for one year from the receipt of the last grant amount in the case of an annual donation, and one month from the receipt of the last donation amount in the case of a monthly donation. The one-time donation amounts are considered as annual donations for the purposes of membership.

4.2. Membership does not constitute compensation for the Donor’s donation; it serves to provide the Donors with up-to-date information on the operation of the Beneficiary and the Portal to a different extent and type. The donation is not considered to be a domestic product sale or service provision in return for consideration, so the Beneficiary does not have to issue an invoice.

5. Use of support

The Beneficiary informs the Donor at least once per calendar year in the Newsletter and during events, in accordance with the requirement of transparency, about how the amount of donations collected through the Website was used.

6. Privacy policy

During data processing, only such personal data may be processed which is indispensable for the objective of the data processing, and is suitable for attaining that purpose. Details are available in the Privacy Policy of the Beneficiary.

7. Termination of the contract

The contract is terminated upon its fulfillment. The Parties declare that they may terminate this donation agreement only in the event of a serious breach of contract by the other party, or may withdraw from it or refuse to fulfill it. Among other things, using the donation contrary to its intended purpose is considered a serious breach of contract. Among other things, failure to make the payment(s) undertaken by the Donor is considered a serious breach of contract.

8. Waiver of the right to reclaim the gift

The parties declare that the donor expressly waives the right of recovery provided for in civil law related to the support, without conditions or restrictions.

9. Other

The provisions and general rules of the Civil Code on gifts shall apply to matters not regulated in these GTC.

The version of the GTC valid before October 10, 2022 can be read here.