Sex leaks

Forrás: Direkt36 - Németh Gyula

“At home I said that I got the money for a photo shooting”

Anybody who paid 230-300 euros per hour could enjoy the company of celebrities and porn stars. Behind a world full of money, luxury cars and fancy parties, however, there are unpaid bills and deplorable fates.

Forrás: Direkt36 - Németh Gyula

The suspect, who had connections at the police and the secret service

The police carried out even a secret investigation to uncover an alleged prostitution network. In the meantime, however, the protagonist of the case, Lajos Répás had some connections at the police, and indirectly at the secret service as well.

Forrás: Direkt36 - Németh Gyula

The police were interested in the prostitute. Not in her politician client

The police uncovered an alleged prostitution ring a few years ago. They looked into the background of those who paid for the prostitutes but ignored the politician clients.