Van egy fontos sztorid? Küldd el nekünk biztonságos csatornákon!

In order to do our investigative work at Direkt36 effectively we need access to information that those in power want to conceal. If you are aware of important stories of public interest and have proof of them, then please, share it with us!

You can send us an email anytime to, but if the information you have is sensitive, then it is better to use secure communications channels.


Encrypted messages

You can send messages or even share files with us using Signal, which is an easy-to-use application that encrypts communication. This application can be downloaded to Android and iOS phones, and having an account you can also download it to your computer.

You can contact us on Whatsapp too, which provides encrypted messaging.

You can contact directly our colleagues on Signal or Whatsapp:

András Pethő: +36 30 229 8734
András Szabó: +36 70 531 0076

Encrypted email

You can securely email us using PGP encryption. If you have not used this encryption method before, all you have to do is to install the application called Mailvelope. PGP encryption provides encryption for the body text of your emails and of the attached files, but does not encrypt the sender’s and the recipient’s email address, nor the subject of the mail. Keep this in mind and do not share sensitive information in these fields.

In order to send an email using PGP encryption, you have to send us your public PGP key (you will be provided one during the installation process of Mailvelope). You’ll also need our public PGP keys, which you can find below:

András Pethő
fingerprint: 0968 2D13 EBFD C5C5 E582 DD99 F5D1 241E E7DC B432
public key

András Szabó
fingerprint: 57FE DA82 5D6F 835B 4293 6128 238C 5F1B 1F61 D220
public key

You can send encrypted mail through Protonmail too. This application also encrypts email but only the ones sent between two Protonmail addresses. So, to use the service, you need to register at the website of Protonmail (it’s free) and the recipient should be


Encrypted file sharing

You can safely share files with us using a free internet browser called Tor and an additional file sharing software called Onionshare.

Tor is a browser that (unlike the most popular ones like Chrome or Firefox) keeps the user’s identity secret. This means that while browsing with Tor you are basically invisible on the internet. Onionshare is a file sharing application that generates random IP addresses where it uploads the files you’d like to share. Nobody but you will know these IP address until you decide to share it.

File sending is quite easy:

  1. Download both softwares and install them
  2. Start both applications
  3. Upload your file using Onionshare’s ’Add files’ menu and then click ’Start Sharing’
  4. After a short while, the application will produce your unique IP address that you can open from Tor
  5. Send us the IP address using PGP, Signal or Whatsapp.

Please, keep in mind that step 5 is crucial. If you do not use an encrypted channel to send us the secret file sharing link, your secrets might be seen by unwanted persons.


Post mail

Sending documents offline via post is still one of the safest ways to communicate. Here’s our address:

10 Pozsonyi street, II./8.
H-1137 Budapest


Be careful!

Every communication channel listed above is safe, but every system can be attacked, or weak points can pop up, so before using them, it is advised to do a little research on IT blogs to see whether the method you chose still works properly.

Bare it in mind that the trustworthiness of these methods depends on your actions, too. Using unsafe PCs (like virus infected ones or PCs at net cafés) or public wireless internet networks can decrease or even nullify the effectiveness of encryption. To avoid this, please, be watchful when you are about to share very sensitive information with us or anyone else.

Should you need help or advice to use any of the safe channels listed above, contact us at