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Hungarian businessman owns Caribbean offshore bank, Panama Papers show

Loyal Bank was often recommended to customers by Mossack Fonseca, the Panama law firm at the heart of the leaks. The documents reveal that the bank is owned by Otto Hujber, a Hungarian businessman.

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The police dropped the accusations in the controversial public media contract case

The police dropped the accusation about the contract the public media signed with a company linked to person close to Fidesz. The state company paid millions for products that could have been obtained almost for free.

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The state could have got it almost for free. They paid millions to a company linked to a Fidesz person

A media company owned by the state bought dozens of websites from a firm linked to a former Fidesz politician. The state firm paid hundreds of thousands of euros but could have had identical sites almost for free.

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„Semmit nem szabad elhinni” – így készült a letelepedési kötvényes cikkünk

The Hungarian state gave them a good business. Now they own luxury apartments in Budapest