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“Please, don’t report about this at all! Thanks!” – How the Hungarian state news agency censors politically unpleasant news

Leaked documents show how Orbán’s circle dictates the news at Hungary’s state news agency

“Seller shall not undertake maintenance” – hospitals struggled with smoking, incompatible Chinese ventilators

Resignations follow our exposé of lavish spending at a pro-government think tank

PM Orbán tried to prevent hospital dramas with vaccination. In the end, he could only hide them

While a tax audit is underway at his foundation, the earnings of Péter Antall rise high

Around the world in luxury: How the son of a former PM benefits from Orbán’s regime

Company with murky background is at the center of Hungary’s Chinese vaccine deal

„Read this! It’s crazy!” How the machine of crypto investment fraudsters works

How sloppy coronavirus measures pushed healthcare workers to the brink of death

It started as a simple patient transfer, but then it showed the chaos in the coronavirus fight

„By now, no one can give even a piece of bread”

For Hungarians living in deep poverty, the world has turned upside down since the coronavirus lockdown. Although poor rural communities have not yet seen a breakout but most jobs are gone and with no savings and barely enough food left, people cannot afford to buy even disinfectants. So far, the government has failed to take action, leaving thousands of starving families without help.

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After 15 years of constant reorganization, Hungarian epidemiology was hit hard by coronavirus

God sent this investment. Or the Devil

„Sold her home to pay, no money, crying”

Hungarians could live 5 months longer, but government halts program tackling air pollution

He was an interpreter for the Hungarian Prime Minister’s friend. Now he is a major player in state-funded railway projects

The minister had done official business with them, now his wife rents an office from their partner

I got used to politicians being angry with me. But this was different

Family of influential opposition figure owns luxury yacht in Croatia