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Resignations follow our exposé of lavish spending at a pro-government think tank

Around the world in luxury: How the son of a former PM benefits from Orbán’s regime

Valuable archaeological treasures were demolished under a priority construction of the Hungarian government

“Mr. Russia” is now helping Viktor Orbán’s government to nurture German relations

Companies close to Orbán’s allies will operate Hungarian trading houses in the Balkan

IT company to be taken over by government-linked businessman had important clients: prosecutors and secret services

People close to Viktor Orbán’s top advisor were involved in controversial golden visa program, confidential documents show

Orbán legtöbbet költő tanácsadójának étkezési szokásait védve titkolózik a kormány

Hegedűs Zsuzsa rekord összeget költött reprezentációra. A számlákat nem mutatja meg a kormány, mert azokból megismerhetnénk a kedvenc boltjait. Pedig állítólag nem magának vásárolt havi átlag 136 ezerért.

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Orbán’s best paid advisor spends an outstanding amount on representation too

Zsuzsa Hegedűs is the advisor of the Hungarian PM on social cohesion.
She recently got an outstanding pay-raise and she also spends the most
on representation despite her apparent inactivity.

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He served as deputy state minister. Meanwhile his company earned 325 thousand euros from state owned companies

He was an interpreter for the Hungarian Prime Minister’s friend. Now he is a major player in state-funded railway projects

He was complaining about business. Then his acquaintance became minister

Some years ago Sándor Börcsök, a Hungarian liquidator had complained about not receiving lucrative assignments. Then his old acquaintance, Miklós Seszták became the minister responsible for the liquidation industry and many things have changed.

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The police dropped the accusations in the controversial public media contract case

The police dropped the accusation about the contract the public media signed with a company linked to person close to Fidesz. The state company paid millions for products that could have been obtained almost for free.

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The state could have got it almost for free. They paid millions to a company linked to a Fidesz person

A media company owned by the state bought dozens of websites from a firm linked to a former Fidesz politician. The state firm paid hundreds of thousands of euros but could have had identical sites almost for free.

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The Hungarian PM’s son-in-law stepped back from public money. But his long-time business partner moved closer to it

For years, Endre Hamar was a close business partner of István Tiborcz, the son-in-law of the Hungarian prime minster. Hamar now became one of the first beneficiaries of the new European Union grant cycle, winning multiple public contracts.

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The Hungarian state gave them a good business. Now they own luxury apartments in Budapest

Interior Minister’s Former Car Mechanic
Became Advisor of His Ministry

Béla Pittlik worked at a service station where Sándor Pintér, now the minister of interior, used to take his car. Now Pittlik works for the ministry, controlling projects for which he does not always have proper qualifications.

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