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Orbán’s government tried to hide sensitive information on €1.5B Chinese university project

To please China, Orbán’s government shifted plans to favor Fudan’s campus over Student City

Huge Chinese loan to cover the construction of Fudan University in Budapest

Chinese workers will construct Fudan’s Budapest campus using Chinese building materials, all covered by a Chinese loan, but the Hungarian state is the one paying the huge bill. Fudan University has already picked a contractor: state-owned China State Construction Engineering Corporation, a company embroiled in suspicions of corruption and espionage in several countries around the world.

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Company with murky background is at the center of Hungary’s Chinese vaccine deal

Chinese spy games in Orbán’s Hungary

Huawei is slowly pushed out from European 5G networks but the Orban government still supports them

China suspended the export of some COVID-19 tests in April. The Hungarian government had already stocked up on them

Hungary’s government is quietly neck-deep in the U.S.-Huawei war

MP of Hungary’s strongest opposition party has ties to the government’s controversial trading house business