“Washing our hands” – here is the documentary uncovering the secrets of hospital-acquired infections


This film is part of the Semmelweis Project, launched by Direkt36, an investigative journalism center based in Hungary, to show the reality and the causes of hospital-acquired infections, which are a growing problem in the country.

Several articles have been published in recent weeks as part of the Semmelweis Project:

An important development is that, after the film’s picture lock, the National Centre for Public Health and Pharmacy (NCPHP) finally released the data for which we were suing. This will allow us to see exactly what the situation of hospital-acquired infections was between 2017 and 2021, broken down by institution. As it will take time to process this data, we will report the follow-ups later.

Cast & crew:
Director: Máté Fuchs, Máté Kőrösi
Research and investigation: Zsuzsanna Wirth, Kamilla Marton
Producers: Borbála Pál, Péter Nádori, András Pethő
Editor: Alexandra Láng
Animation: Zoltán Ásmány
Music: Márk Bartha
Colorist: Levente Salma
Sound: Péter Balogh