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Russians demand their money in Hungary’s controversial golden visa scheme

How state funds help the miracle business of a top minister’s former wife

The attorney became a Pegasus target when one of Hungary’s most notorious murder cases took a turn

Inside Viktor Orbán’s war for Index, Hungary’s most influential news website

Inside Orbán’s Fidesz party preparing for Hungary’s parliamentary election

Leaked documents show how Orbán’s circle dictates the news at Hungary’s state news agency

Prominent business allies of Viktor Orbán’s government had secret offshore businesses, Pandora Papers reveal

Nearly 12 million confidential documents were leaked about secret offshore companies, investigated by the world’s largest international collaboration of journalists. Direkt36 was also part of the project and revealed that influential Hungarian pro-government figures including Balázs Kertész and Gellért Jászai also had offshore interests.

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Hungarian journalist reporting on corruption surveilled with Pegasus for months

During her surveillance, Brigitta Csikász, one of Hungary’s most experienced crime reporters, wrote about the misuse of EU funds among other topics. Csikász’s investigations revealed that, despite the alarms of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), Hungarian authorities lacked either the will or the ability to prosecute the suspicious spending of EU money.

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How Orbán’s chief of staff and people close to him have used luxury cars in secret

How we exposed some of the deepest secrets of Hungary’s controversial golden visa program

Since the closure of Hungary’s Golden Visa Program, more foreigners receive residence permits for unclear purposes

New Hungarian immigration program advertised by a businessman, previously in controversial Golden Visa scheme

The minister had done official business with them, now his wife rents an office from their partner