Hidden assets

How Orbán’s chief of staff and people close to him have used luxury cars in secret

Long-term car rental is a very expensive solution but it has the advantage of keeping the client using the car in secret. Antal Rogán and his wife, as well as the former deputy mayor of a Budapest district and former wife of Árpád Habony all used this option for several years. The car renting company has won several high-value state contracts in the past years.

Elegant flat beside the Danube and Romanian lands remained invisible in Hungarian legislator’s asset declaration

Erik Bánki said that he currently “halfway” lives in the elegant Roman Wellness Home gated community, although there is no sign of this in his asset declarations. He did not declare the flat and over 100 hectares of land in Romania because they were owned by his companies, not by him personally.

Failed Bioethanol Project in Romania Leaves Unanswered Questions for Hungarian Legislator

Erik Bánki, a senior member of Hungary’s governing Fidesz party owns a lot of land in Hungary, but now we have also found his lands in Romania. He bought them for a huge bioethanol project, but it is unclear how he financed the purchases. According to him, various companies gave him loans, but he doesn’t remember their names.

Hungarian MPs waste millions on hidden, dusty and expensive offices

A joint investigation by Direkt36 and RTL Klub has revealed that members of parliament often misuse money allocated to office renting.

Forrás: Fidesz/KDNP

Meet the MP who left out nearly 5 million euros of his wealth declarations

Sándor Farkas, a member of parliament from the governing Fidesz party, does not think that this is a problem.

Family of influential opposition figure owns luxury yacht in Croatia

Former treasurer of the Hungarian Socialist party has a luxury yacht in Croatia with estimated market value of 260 thousand euros.

Forrás: kormany.hu

The state minister issued denials and made threats. Then quietly corrected his wealth declarations

Nine more politicians declared previously hidden assets or state subsidies, after Direkt36 exposed mistakes in their wealth declarations. 27 million missing forints got included in the declarations, and several apologies were made.

Several MPs failed to declare subsidies received from the state

“I did not have any clue that this needs to be declared,” said one state minister. Other officials also argued that the declaration system is too complicated.

We looked into politicians’ assets. Police started a harassment investigation

A Direkt36 has revealed how several politicians filed incorrect or incomplete wealth declarations. Minister of state László Tasó was among them. He turned to the police claiming that he and his family were harassed. The police have launched an investigation.

László Varju followed Ferenc Gyurcsány to the new party DK

Opposition politician appears to be almost penniless. But his companies are quite well off

There are serious problems with the current Hungarian wealth declarations system. László Varju’s declarations show almost nothing of his real wealth.