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Inside the opposition’s crushing defeat against Viktor Orbán

A tíz legmeghökkentőbb dolog, ami az ellenzéki kampányban történt

Opposition politician profited from business deals with the Hungarian government’s inner circles. Now, the EU has identified irregularities in several of their deals

Secret battles of Orban’s rival – Budapest’s first year under opposition rule

MP of Hungary’s strongest opposition party has ties to the government’s controversial trading house business

Direkt36 exposed an opposition politician’s businesses with government-linked figures. Now the EU is investigating the projects

Opposition politician’s businesses are thriving after he teamed up with businessmen close to Viktor Orban’s government

The company group of Gergo Czegledy who is influential within Budapest circles and his partners with links to the government won over the past years state tenders in the value of several billions of forints.

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