Opposition Maneuvers

Inside the crisis of the Hungarian opposition

The opposition parties that suffered a crushing defeat in 2022 are busy gaining positions in favor of each other instead of weakening the power of Fidesz.

Inside the opposition’s crushing defeat against Viktor Orbán

The chaos was even bigger inside the campaign than it looked from the outside. Direkt36 has investigated how the opposition, which led in the polls last fall, lost against Viktor Orbán’s governing party yet again.

Opposition politician profited from business deals with the Hungarian government’s inner circles. Now, the EU has identified irregularities in several of their deals

Direkt36 reported that Gergő Czeglédy, a well-connected politician from the Hungarian Socialist Party, won lucrative state contracts jointly with government-close businessmen. Now OLAF, the EU’s anti-fraud agency found irregularities in some of their deals.

Secret battles of Orban’s rival – Budapest’s first year under opposition rule

Secret battles of Orban’s rival – Budapest’s first year under opposition rule

What conflicts emerged between Gergely Karácsony and Ferenc Gyurcsány? What did Antal Rogán tell the mayor? Who are the most influential people at Budapest’s city hall? Direkt36 presents the behind-the-scenes story of the capital’s opposition leadership.

MP of Hungary’s strongest opposition party has ties to the government’s controversial trading house business

Opposition MP Lajos Olah has been dealing with China for quite a while. He is so successful that even Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto can also be regularly seen with him. And one of Olah’s acquaintances operates a Chinese trading house for 70 thousand euros monthly.

Direkt36 exposed an opposition politician’s businesses with government-linked figures. Now the EU is investigating the projects

A company of Gergo Czegledy, a local leader of the Hungarian Socialist Party in Budapest is involved in projects investigated by OLAF.

Opposition politician’s businesses are thriving after he teamed up with businessmen close to Viktor Orban’s government

The company group of Gergo Czegledy who is influential within Budapest circles and his partners with links to the government won over the past years state tenders in the value of several billions of forints.