Secrets of the Propaganda Machine

Ex-wife of Antal Rogan is still making huge business successes with her tabloid. Alongside pro-government companies, ATV and Index are also behind it

Once again, the company publishes the online tabloid Top World News has made a profit of more than HUF 1 billion. According to Direkt36's research, the site is still full of government and pro-government advertisements, and has been cited several times by ATV's news site and Index.

It is rare to see in such detail the astonishing disappearance of taxpayer billions

Direkt36 uncovered another story about the operations of a state company that secretly financed several important projects of the Orbán government. Internal documents reveal in great detail how nearly 7 billion forints got stuck in the failed bank of György Matolcsy's cousin.
Offshore Secrets

Dubai luxury apartments bought by a company linked to the inner circle of the son of Hungary’s central bank governor

As part of the Dubai Unlocked investigation, Direkt36 has found that a company with links to the inner circle of Ádám Matolcsy, the son of the Hungarian central bank's president, has bought several luxury apartments in Dubai.

Secret documents reveal that Orbán’s people were behind the purchase of one of Europe’s biggest TV channels

Two years ago, a Portuguese businessman with good Hungarian government connections bought the Euronews TV channel. Direkt36, together with Le Monde and Expresso, found out that a large part of the money was provided by a Hungarian state capital fund and a long-standing player in the government propaganda machine. According to leaked internal documents, the investment also had political aims.
The Russian Connection

Orbán blocked the idea that could have pushed out Russia from Hungary’s nuclear plant expansion

Last year, there were talks in government circles about starting building a third nuclear power plant with the French, which could have led to the insignificance of the Russian-built Paks II. Direkt36 learned new details about the Orbán government's big power maneuvers in nuclear issues.

MCC’s luxury spending leaked, from a €250 thousand winter camp to blatantly expensive receptions

While at other colleges students prepare a few sandwiches for their events, the taxpayer-funded Mathias Corvinus Collegium spends huge sums on parties and events, foreign hotels and hosting international guests sympathetic to the government. Direkt36 used insider information to reveal MCC's luxury spending.
Swallowed EU Funds

The government official asked for two million forints instead of sausages – here is the indictment on the theft of EU money involving ministries

Direkt36 has also obtained the indictment, which reveals a series of fraudulent practices involving EU tenders. According to the document, Tamás K. and his accomplices, a consultant working in the Ministry of National Economy and its successor, the Ministry of Finance, built up a corruption network involving dozens of people over the years. According to the prosecutors, Gyula Barta-Eke, a member of László Palkovics' circle, and a former deputy state secretary, Tamás Karsai, were also involved in some of the frauds.
Secrets of the Propaganda Machine

How Orbán flooded Central Europe with millions of online ads during election season

While the Hungarian government is very sensitive to its own sovereignty, it has also been running serious advertising campaigns in Slovakia and Poland, among others, during the elections there. Direkt36 analyzed the available data on the Hungarian government’s advertising campaign targeting seven countries.
The Russian Connection

Orbán’s true reasons for opposing Ukraine’s EU accession revealed

According to information obtained by Direkt36, prime minister Orbán said at a closed-door meeting last spring that Ukraine's accession would increase US influence in the region. He also said that he had warned French President Emmanuel Macron about this but that he did not fully understand Orbán's calculations.
Fotó: Cnarr-Tchad / Facebook ; Illusztráció: Telex

Uncovering the secret African mission of Viktor Orbán’s son

The son of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has tried to hide his involvement in the planned Hungarian military mission in Chad in an almost comical way. The government was also secretive, but when they discovered that Direkt36 and the French newspaper Le Monde had obtained evidence of Gáspár Orbán's involvement in the Chad military project, they were quick to make it public. Here is the story of the revelation.
Pardon scandal

Orbán’s former minister was pushing for the pardon that led to the fall of Hungary’s first female president

Direkt36 and Telex have learned from several independent sources that head of the Hungarian Reformed Church Zoltán Balog, who has long been a confidant of Hungarian president Katalin Novák, played a crucial role in the presidential pardon which led to Novák’s resignation.
Hospital-acquired infections

“Washing our hands” – here is the documentary uncovering the secrets of hospital-acquired infections

Direkt36 has spent more than a year investigating the worsening situation of hospital-acquired infections in Hungary. Watch our documentary film that tells the story of several victims and exposes the shortcomings of the Hungarian health-care system that lead to the problem.
Hidden assets

The hidden €664 million: the vast majority of donations to European political parties come from unknown sources

An international team of investigative journalists has examined donations to major European political parties. In Hungary this practice is more or less transparent, but there are some problems with party funding
Pardon scandal

Orbán, Judas and the gay lobby – behind Zoltán Balog’s attempt to rescue himself in his church

The pardon scandal has shaken Zoltán Balog's position within the Reformed Church, but in recent weeks he has managed to consolidate his power. According to a Direkt36 investigation, the bishop has succeeded in making people believe that the whole church is under attack and has assured everyone that PM Viktor Orbán entrusted him to handle the matter.

Editors stand by the attacked Atlatszo

(Magyar) A nemrég elfogadott szuverenitásvédelmi törvényre hivatkozva indult propagandisztikus támadás az Átlátszó ellen épp a sajtószabadság ünnepéhez közeledve.

“If you are new to this, I’ll see you through it all the way” – The internet is full of ads in Hungarian recruiting sex workers, but authorities see no problem with them

Although encouraging prostitution is a criminal offence In Hungary, the authorities say there is nothing wrong with openly advertising foreign sex work to Hungarian women. Direkt36 looked behind the sex work advertisements as part of an international investigative project.
Hospital-acquired infections

Some Hungarian hospitals have been facing a serious infection situation for years. Yet nothing happens to them

Never before has it been possible to get a deeper look into the most frightening corners of the Hungarian health system. Direkt36 has obtained the latest data on hospital-acquired infections between 2017 and 2022.
Pardon scandal

How Viktor Orbán tried to extinguish the pedophile pardon scandal that shook his government

The government initially hoped that they could get away with it, but when they saw the internal polls, they knew they had to act. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán personally directed the reponse that led to the forced resignation of Hungary's president and a former minister. Direkt36 has uncovered new details about the what happened behind the scenes in the government during the pardon scandal.

The “Sovereignty Protection Authority” is harmful and against the rule of law, yet it cannot intimidate independent media

The newly adopted "Sovereignty Protection" law does not expressly regulate the operation of media companies, it is, however, capable of severely restricting the freedom of the press. It is meant to directly undermine democratic debate in general, and should be entirely rejected.
Hospital-acquired infections

The Ministry of Interior says there is no problem with hospital-acquired infections. However, a leaked document says they know the situation is serious

According to an internal document of the Ministry of Interior leaked to Direkt36, health care authorities are aware of the gravity of problems caused by hospital-acquired infections in Hungary. Miniszter Sándor Pintér is involed in the deliberations, and measures were proposed to address the crisis. However, according to the leaked document funding for improvement will be scarce.
Offshore Secrets

Swiss Bank Account Tied to Hungarian Tycoon Provides New Details of Alleged Misuse of Government Funds

In an ongoing criminal case prosecutors claim officials of the Ministry of Agriculture fraudulently disbursed HUF 2,2 billion in 2019. Direkt36 has learned that authorities are now leading inquiries into how half of that money ended up in the Swiss bank account of a Panamanian offshore company tied to the well known Hungarian business tycoon Kristóf Nobilis.
Offshore Secrets

Minister Csaba Lantos’ former secret business revealed from the Cyprus Confidential project

The energy minister had a company in Cyprus at a time when Viktor Orbán was attacking others for such businesses. Direkt36 obtained the documents of this deal, which involved hundreds of millions of forints, as part of the international investigative project called Cyprus Confidential.