The Businesses of Orbán’s Family

Orban’s father was involved in controversial road construction

Not only the European Union, but also the Hungarian government criticized the project for being too expensive. This did not stop the mining company of the PM’s father to benefit from it.

Businessman linked to the Orbán family has expanded his footprint in city of Hungary’s nuclear plant

Roland Sebestyén has business relations with the family of Anikó Lévai, the wife of PM Viktor Orbán. Companies linked to him received contracts in the value of 6.2 million euros in Paks.

Links tighten between Orbán’s brother and a businessman who keeps winning public tenders

Gábor Szentgyörgyi has a common business with the son-in-law of the prime minister’s brother, and one of his business interests opened a branch on a property owned by a company of the Orbán family.

This is how the mining company of Viktor Orban’s father became more profitable than its major competitors

The mining company of Viktor Orbán’s father has been involved in several major public construction projects in recent years and it has become one of the most successful companies in the market. Last year, it outperformed all of its major competitors in one important aspect: Győző Orbán’s company achieved the highest profit margin.

A man close to Viktor Orbán’s brother was the head of a department at the tax office. His department was dissolved after we reported about it

Tamás Balogh, an acquaintance of Orbán Győző Jr. became the head of the department in charge of major procurements at the tax office, while his other acquaintance won high-value public tenders from the same authority. After we revealed their relationship, the tax authority was restructured, Balogh is not a head of department any more.

Companies dominate public lighting in Serbia with controversial Hungarian methods

After winning public lighting tenders in Hungary, Elios, a company previously owned by the son-in-law of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán, started expanding internationally. In Serbia, companies linked to Elios have been participating in 12 public lighting tenders, with some partners that are connected to Serbia’s political elite.

How public money keeps flowing to Orban’s family through Hungary’s new tycoon

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban keeps repeating that he doesn’t deal with business issues. The companies of his family members, however, are benefitting from EU-funded constructions that are carried out by the business empire of Lorinc Meszaros, a friend of the PM. We explain their business relationship in a short video.

How people close to Viktor Orbán’s brother became key players in major procurements of Hungary’s tax authority

An acquaintance of Orbán Győző Jr. became the head of the department in charge of major procurements at the National Tax and Customs Authority (NAV), while his other acquaintance has won high-value public tenders from the same authority. The three men know each other through wrestling.

People close to Viktor Orbán began to take over his fallen enemy’s empire

A lawyer with ties to Viktor Orbán and his closest business ally bought an agricultural company of Lajos Simicska, who fought a long and unsuccessful campaign against Orbán before this year’s parliamentary election.

Heavy traffic at the stone mine of Viktor Orbán’s father reveals new details of the mysterious business operation

Many trucks carrying products of the mine belong to a company that has been winning lucrative state construction contracts in recent years.