“Don’t even try, sweetie, because I’m running out of patience” – We asked Viktor Orbán’s father about his involvement in state projects

Orban’s father was involved in controversial road construction

How Orban played Germany, Europe’s great power

Huawei is slowly pushed out from European 5G networks but the Orban government still supports them

God sent this investment. Or the Devil

Links tighten between Orbán’s brother and a businessman who keeps winning public tenders

How the alliance with Israel has reshaped the politics of Viktor Orban

MP of Hungary’s strongest opposition party has ties to the government’s controversial trading house business

This is how the mining company of Viktor Orban’s father became more profitable than its major competitors

The mining company of Viktor Orbán’s father has been involved in several major public construction projects in recent years and it has become one of the most successful companies in the market. Last year, it outperformed all of its major competitors in one important aspect: Győző Orbán’s company achieved the highest profit margin.

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A man close to Viktor Orbán’s brother was the head of a department at the tax office. His department was dissolved after we reported about it

Tamás Balogh, an acquaintance of Orbán Győző Jr. became the head of the department in charge of major procurements at the tax office, while his other acquaintance won high-value public tenders from the same authority. After we revealed their relationship, the tax authority was restructured, Balogh is not a head of department any more.

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How Orbán’s chief of staff and people close to him have used luxury cars in secret

How public money keeps flowing to Orban’s family through Hungary’s new tycoon

How people close to Viktor Orbán’s brother became key players in major procurements of Hungary’s tax authority

How we told the inside story of the oligarch who turned against Viktor Orbán

How we exposed some of the deepest secrets of Hungary’s controversial golden visa program

Inside the fall of the oligarch who turned against Viktor Orbán

Global investigation revealed medical device industry’s systemic flaws, which affect Hungary as well

Direkt36 has obtained nearly 180 reports on incidents concerning problematic medical device use in Hungary. They contain details on insulin pump sets, hip implants and breast augmentation surgeries.

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Heavy traffic at the stone mine of Viktor Orbán’s father reveals new details of the mysterious business operation

1% – Támogasd a független újságírást!

Businessman winning state contracts watched football match with Viktor Orbán