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He has been uncovering the lavish lifestyle of Viktor Orbán’s circles. This summer, he was surveilled with Pegasus spyware

Hungarian journalist reporting on corruption surveilled with Pegasus for months

During her surveillance, Brigitta Csikász, one of Hungary’s most experienced crime reporters, wrote about the misuse of EU funds among other topics. Csikász’s investigations revealed that, despite the alarms of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), Hungarian authorities lacked either the will or the ability to prosecute the suspicious spending of EU money.

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Opposition mayor has long suspected to be surveilled. Now we know that he has been targeted with Pegasus

Chinese spy games in Orbán’s Hungary

U.S. is still trying to push out the Russian-led bank from Hungary

Hungary’s government is quietly neck-deep in the U.S.-Huawei war

IT company to be taken over by government-linked businessman had important clients: prosecutors and secret services