Swallowed EU Funds

The government official asked for two million forints instead of sausages – here is the indictment on the theft of EU money involving ministries

Direkt36 has also obtained the indictment, which reveals a series of fraudulent practices involving EU tenders. According to the document, Tamás K. and his accomplices, a consultant working in the Ministry of National Economy and its successor, the Ministry of Finance, built up a corruption network involving dozens of people over the years. According to the prosecutors, Gyula Barta-Eke, a member of László Palkovics’ circle, and a former deputy state secretary, Tamás Karsai, were also involved in some of the frauds.

Opposition politician profited from business deals with the Hungarian government’s inner circles. Now, the EU has identified irregularities in several of their deals

Direkt36 reported that Gergő Czeglédy, a well-connected politician from the Hungarian Socialist Party, won lucrative state contracts jointly with government-close businessmen. Now OLAF, the EU’s anti-fraud agency found irregularities in some of their deals.

This is how the mining company of Viktor Orban’s father became more profitable than its major competitors

The mining company of Viktor Orbán’s father has been involved in several major public construction projects in recent years and it has become one of the most successful companies in the market. Last year, it outperformed all of its major competitors in one important aspect: Győző Orbán’s company achieved the highest profit margin.

Direkt36 exposed an opposition politician’s businesses with government-linked figures. Now the EU is investigating the projects

A company of Gergo Czegledy, a local leader of the Hungarian Socialist Party in Budapest is involved in projects investigated by OLAF.

Companies dominate public lighting in Serbia with controversial Hungarian methods

After winning public lighting tenders in Hungary, Elios, a company previously owned by the son-in-law of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán, started expanding internationally. In Serbia, companies linked to Elios have been participating in 12 public lighting tenders, with some partners that are connected to Serbia’s political elite.

Hungarian companies also involved in “Grand Theft Europe”, the EU’s biggest tax fraud

The shockingly high amount of 50 billion euros is robbed every year from European taxpayers through so-called VAT carousel fraud. An international investigation reveals that Hungarian companies have also been involved in criminal networks.

The EU Anti-Fraud Office investigated irregularities reported by Direkt36

OLAF found several irregularities in the implementation of the Jeremie venture capital programme in Hungary previously reported by Direkt36 in cooperation with Forbes.

Fotó: Túry Gergely/HVG

Government official János Lázár gibbers about suspicious tenders won by the son-in-law of the Prime Minister

The European Union’s antifraud office has found serious irregularities in public projects carried out by a company formerly owned by the son-in-law of Hungary’s PM. The government has already received the report, but it does not publish it. Earlier it had been not that secretive in a similar case.

Source: Balázs Szabó/Heti Válasz

Péter Heim was very close to the Orbán-government. But a stormy autumn has changed everything

Leaked records show that a state agency abruptly terminated its contract with an EU-sponsored fund managed by Péter Heim.

How a long-time Fidesz operative has become in charge of billions of EU money

Our investigation has exposed the controversial role Ágoston Gubicza, a businessman with close ties to government figures, has been playing in state-funded venture programmes.