Reshuffle at the Orbán companies: PM’s brother quits a firm while his father gets positions in two other

How people close to Viktor Orbán’s brother became key players in major procurements of Hungary’s tax authority

How we told the inside story of the oligarch who turned against Viktor Orbán

How we exposed some of the deepest secrets of Hungary’s controversial golden visa program

Inside the fall of the oligarch who turned against Viktor Orbán

Global investigation revealed medical device industry’s systemic flaws, which affect Hungary as well

Heavy traffic at the stone mine of Viktor Orbán’s father reveals new details of the mysterious business operation

1% – Támogasd a független újságírást!

Businessman winning state contracts watched football match with Viktor Orbán

The moneyman of Bashar al-Assad and a suspect of a serious international crime participated in Hungary’s Golden Visa program

Orbán’s Game

The Eight Most Interesting Revelations From Our Orbán-Putin Story

Why did Orbán’s ally had a business meeting with the Russian secret service? Why was it so important for Orbán to buy the Russian stake in Hungary’s oil company? How tough is Putin with his own men? And some more interesting details from our investigation.

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How did we investigate the businesses of the Orbán family? And what did it have to do with running and cycling?

Company of Hungarian Prime Minister’s brother received EU subsidy yet again

Company linked to Orbán’s brother won major public tender with the highest bid

Itt az első repedés a tao-rendszeren, de a lényeget még titkolja a kormány

A jogerős bírósági ítélet ellenére is vonakodik a kormány annak közlésétől, hogy a cégek mennyit adtak az adójukból különböző sportegyesületeknek. Most kikerült az adatok egy része, amelyekben feltűnnek többek között Simicskáék.

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Viktor Orbán hardly believed that his family members are subcontractors of state projects. Here is the evidence

A freight company owned by the father of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán receives nearly €970 thousand from a railway reconstruction project at Lake Balaton.

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Company Produced 100-fold Growth After Winning Public Tenders. Its Owner Is Linked to Viktor Orbán’s Brother Through Wrestling

The company IMG Solutions does not even have a functioning website but in a couple of years it has become a prominent member of Hungary’s IT sector. Thanks to wrestling, the owner of the company knows well Orbán Győző Jr., brother of the prime minister.

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Viktor Orbán’s advisor has a company in Hong Kong, in the very same room as businesses connected to Hungary’s residency bond programme

Árpád Habony is the sole shareholder of the firm, which chose exactly that secretary that also works for the local residency bond company. After an exclusive helicopter tour and a trip in a private jet, here is the new Hong Kong connection.

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They try to hide it, but the involvement of Orbán’s father in huge railway construction project is revealed

The father of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivers building materials for yet another huge railway construction project, local workers say. We asked official sources about the details, but a subtle reference to Orbán’s family was enough to shut down the free flow of information.

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