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Companies of the Orbán family slowed down but they keep churning out hefty profits

Company of Orbán’s father found in yet another huge EU-financed project

How EU-funded projects secretly contributed to the Orbán family’s enrichment

Company linked to PM’s son-in-law got involved in public project years before winning the tender, secret recording shows

Prime minister’s son-in-law sold his property business to an offshore company

Government promotes industrial park where prime minister’s son-in-law owns property

Orbán’s son-in-law moves back towards public money by purchasing new company

Police closed investigation into the public tenders linked to Orban’s son-in-law

One and a half year of investigation was not enough to find a reasonable suspicion in the case of the controversial public procurement businesses of Elios Innovatív. According to the Hungarian police, it is the true nature of the free market that a company can set different prices for similar lamps. Continue reading

Prime minister’s son-in-law gets hefty dividend from his company

Here’s how Orban’s office helped his son-in-law’s company win tenders

Controversial Hungarian company made record profit from state commissions

The company formerly owned by the son-in-law of the Hungarian prime minister had a blast last year: its revenues skyrocketed to 24,8 million euros, and the current owner, a billionaire businessman took out 3,1 million in dividends. Virtually all the income of the company comes from public procurements and other state commissions.

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The Hungarian PM’s son-in-law stepped back from public money. But his long-time business partner moved closer to it

For years, Endre Hamar was a close business partner of István Tiborcz, the son-in-law of the Hungarian prime minster. Hamar now became one of the first beneficiaries of the new European Union grant cycle, winning multiple public contracts.

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How Brussels took on the son-in-law of Hungary’s Prime Minister

Police investigate the inexplicably high prices of Elios, former company of PM’s son-in-law

Hungary PM’s son-in-law left behind inexplicably overpriced lamps

A company until recently co-owned by Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law has been awarded public contracts to improve street lighting in several cities. A Direkt36 investigation revealed that the price of the lamps was unusually high, which raised the budget significantly in many cities.

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This would have been a dream project for Orbán’s son-in-law, but the government stepped in

The company of Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law won public procurements worth hundreds of millions of forints with similarly written announcements. Until now, these announcements had been passing the government’s control without any problem, but now here is the first sign that this success story might come to a halt.

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Company of Hungarian PM’s Son-in-law Keeps Winning Public Projects Without Competition. Here Is What Made That Possible

Direkt36’s investigation shows that the majority of public procurements won by Elios Innovatív included specific requirements that could have been met only by the company or – in some cases – just a very small circle of companies.

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How Western Taxpayers Help Boost the Businesses of Hungary PM’s Inner Circle