The Businesses of Orbán’s Family

Forrás: 7/24 Hírműsor

Company of Orbán’s son-in-law moved into a luxury villa owned by influential businessmen

The move is another sign of the increasingly close relationship between the prime minister’s family and the country’s business elite.


Orbán’s son-in-law extends his influence over major real estate company

István Tiborcz now owns more than 75 percent of the company, which has a high-value real estate portfolio, according to company records reviewed by Direkt36.

Businessman winning state contracts watched football match with Viktor Orbán

Gábor Szentgyörgyi’s company does not even have a functioning website but it has been winning lucrative state contracts in recent years.

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Six things Direkt36 revealed about the company of Orbán’s son-in-law, and later were also found suspicious by the EU’s Anti-fraud Office

(Magyar) Az EU csalás elleni hivatala súlyos szabálytalanságokat talált a miniszterelnök vejének egykori cége, az Elios közbeszerzéseiben. Több fontos megállapítás már évekkel ezelőtt előkerült a Direkt36 cikkeiben.

Company of Hungarian Prime Minister’s brother received EU subsidy yet again

While the government has stepped up its attacks on Brussels, the family of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán keeps benefiting from EU funds.

Company linked to Orbán’s brother won major public tender with the highest bid

The other bidders offered lower prices but they were eliminated from the procurement.

Viktor Orbán hardly believed that his family members are subcontractors of state projects. Here is the evidence

A freight company owned by the father of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán receives nearly €970 thousand from a railway reconstruction project at Lake Balaton.

Fotó: Túry Gergely/HVG

Government official János Lázár gibbers about suspicious tenders won by the son-in-law of the Prime Minister

The European Union’s antifraud office has found serious irregularities in public projects carried out by a company formerly owned by the son-in-law of Hungary’s PM. The government has already received the report, but it does not publish it. Earlier it had been not that secretive in a similar case.

Company Produced 100-fold Growth After Winning Public Tenders. Its Owner Is Linked to Viktor Orbán’s Brother Through Wrestling

The company IMG Solutions does not even have a functioning website but in a couple of years it has become a prominent member of Hungary’s IT sector. Thanks to wrestling, the owner of the company knows well Orbán Győző Jr., brother of the prime minister.

They try to hide it, but the involvement of Orbán’s father in huge railway construction project is revealed

The father of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivers building materials for yet another huge railway construction project, local workers say. We asked official sources about the details, but a subtle reference to Orbán’s family was enough to shut down the free flow of information.