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While former Fidesz politician rents properties to Rosatom, his son is paid for cleaning toilets

Sinking ground on the Paks II nuclear power plant site could further delay the project

Inside the internal government conflict over the permit for the controversial Paks 2 nuclear power plant

Former Fidesz politician signs lucrative property rental contract 
with Russians building Paks 2

The license permit for the Paks 2 power plant expansion is still delayed but project implementer Rosatom continues to publish new related tenders. According to Direkt36 research former local Fidesz president in the town where the project is located is one of the beneficiaries.

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Inside the conflicts surrounding the construction of Hungary’s new nuclear plant

State Secretary who disagreed with a Hungarian cabinet member over Paks nuclear power plant targeted by Pegasus spyware

Attila Aszódi became a target shortly before his dismissal in 2019 at a time when he had several conflicts with the Hungarian cabinet member supervising Paks 2. The State Secretary disagreed with the measures that would have benefitted the Russian party building the new nuclear power plant and would have changed the original timetable of the project.

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Nuclear power plant Paks 2 rescheduled to favor the Russians

Businessman linked to the Orbán family has expanded his footprint in city of Hungary’s nuclear plant

Nuclear tender that caused tension between Hungary and Russia will restart

Russians wanting a massive Paks 2 nuclear contract eventually got pushed out

How Orbán’s chief of staff and people close to him have used luxury cars in secret

Paks 2 is facing a risky modification that could favor the Russians

Paks 2: This is what it looks like when influential people are positioning themselves around the project

An association with relations across the political spectrum appeared around Paks 2 last year. It wanted to act as an intermediary during the nuclear power plant expansion, and even though influential people also showed up within the association, it failed to deliver on its plans in the end.

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A Hungarian company came under Russian influence. Now it could receive another contract in Hungary’s nuclear project

The car rental company that is likely to be contracted by Rosatom is under the influence of a Russian bank. One of the company’s owners previously held high in a gas trading company with ties to Russia.

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The business partner of Lorinc Meszaros is bidding for two valueable Paks 2 tenders

A well-connected lawyer wins contract in Hungary’s gigantic nuclear project

Tamas Perenyei was a state secretary during the first Orban-government and he maintains friendly relations with OTP-leader Sandor Csanyi. Last year, he bought a company which now signed a contract with Rosatom.

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How Russians forced out Hungarians from a major company of Hungary’s new nuclear project

Its managing director, Attila Szitár-Csanádi, is known as one of Rosatom’s most trusted people in Hungary. He has played an important role in a controversial decision of the University of Debrecen, which announced last year that it would give an honorary citizenship to president Putin.

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He served as deputy state minister. Meanwhile his company earned 325 thousand euros from state owned companies