High costs covered car rental on Lázár’s visit in Zurich

Almost one thousand euros was spent on car rental during the two-day-long visit to Zurich of the head of the Prime Minister’s Office. He says he does not remember what type of car they used.

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Lázár’s Milan hotel room cost 1.000 euros. Another 1.500 was spent on something else

The Prime Minister’s Office disclosed new details about those trips of János Lázár that drew attention because of unusually high hotel bills. Now it is known that substantial amount of money was spent on other expenses as well.

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2014 was a prosperous year for 5th district’s mysterious entrepreneur

Profits nearly tripled for the construction company that has been awarded lucrative contracts by the 5th district while its owner keeps working in a hotel as an employee.

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What we know about János Lázár’s mysterious trips (and what we don’t)

The Prime Minister’s Office has been guarding closely the details of the trips which initially drew attention because of high hotel bills but a yearlong lawsuit shed some light on them.

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More details of Lázár’s foreign trips have to be disclosed, court rules

Direkt36 won another lawsuit against the Prime Minister’s Office over the secretive foreign trips of its chief, János Lázár. The court has ruled that the government has to disclose details of Lázár’s meetings.

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Mystery Entrepreneur: His Company Is Flush With State Money, Yet He Keeps Working as a Hotel Employee

The company received most of its contracts from Budapest 5th district, during the mayoral term of prominent government politician, Antal Rogán. Direkt36’s investigation also revealed that the firm has several links to a businessman who had close business relationship with the district in the past.

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This would have been a dream project for Orbán’s son-in-law, but the government stepped in

The company of Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law won public procurements worth hundreds of millions of forints with similarly written announcements. Until now, these announcements had been passing the government’s control without any problem, but now here is the first sign that this success story might come to a halt.

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Interior Minister’s Former Car Mechanic
Became Advisor of His Ministry

Béla Pittlik worked at a service station where Sándor Pintér, now the minister of interior, used to take his car. Now Pittlik works for the ministry, controlling projects for which he does not always have proper qualifications.

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Prime Minister’s Office Loses Appeal Over Unusually High Hotel Bills

The court ruling forces the Prime Minister’s Office to disclose details of two trips of János Lázár, head of the office. This may shed light on why his trips resulted in hotel bills that were unusually high.

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Company of Hungarian PM’s Son-in-law Keeps Winning Public Projects Without Competition. Here Is What Made That Possible

Direkt36’s investigation shows that the majority of public procurements won by Elios Innovatív included specific requirements that could have been met only by the company or – in some cases – just a very small circle of companies.

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How Western Taxpayers Help Boost the Businesses of Hungary PM’s Inner Circle

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