Panama Papers: Hungarian socialist politician left the party as his offshore interest emerged

She’s a teacher with a Swiss bank account. And she’s also a politician’s wife

Socialist politician László Boldvai’s wife is a high school teacher but drives a BMW and had an offshore company with a Swiss bank account. A new story from the Panama Papers.

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Massive offshore leaks reveal former government politician’s hidden business

Millions of leaked offshore documents reveal the hidden businesses and assets of world leaders and politicians, including a former MP of Hungary’s governing party. He got involved in a secret offshore company while he was still in parliament.

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In Hungary, land records are public. Except in politically sensitive areas

Our reporter was denied access to public records when she was looking for property data in an area where the Hungarian prime minister’s family also owns lands.

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The state could have got it almost for free. They paid millions to a company linked to a Fidesz person

A media company owned by the state bought dozens of websites from a firm linked to a former Fidesz politician. The state firm paid hundreds of thousands of euros but could have had identical sites almost for free.

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Notary and businessman became extremely close, corruption trial reveals

The trial of the alleged District 5 corruption cases has started with the testimonies of the defendants. What emerged is a story of how a businessman with a wide network of contacts built an extremely close relationship with one of the most senior public officials of the district.

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How the relatives of Jobbik’s leaders got on the party payroll

The greatest problem of Hungary is corruption and nepotism, says Gábor Vona, the president of the Hungarian radical party, Jobbik. In this respect, Jobbik could be a subject of criticism as well. Close family members of seven out of eight board members of the party were commissioned with important or highly valued projects from Jobbik.

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The Hungarian PM’s son-in-law stepped back from public money. But his long-time business partner moved closer to it

For years, Endre Hamar was a close business partner of István Tiborcz, the son-in-law of the Hungarian prime minster. Hamar now became one of the first beneficiaries of the new European Union grant cycle, winning multiple public contracts.

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The Hungarian state gave them a good business. Now they own luxury apartments in Budapest

When public money goes to friends. This time through Jobbik

Jobbik paid millions to companies of the friends of one of its associates for writing political studies. Even though they do not have much to do with politics: one of them is a car mechanic, another is an accountant.

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The man behind Jobbik’s rise

Jobbik has become the second largest party in Hungary in only a few years. A low-profile man named Richárd Forrai played a key role in this as a major force in making Jobbik a professional political organization.

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How Brussels took on the son-in-law of Hungary’s Prime Minister

“At home I said that I got the money for a photo shooting”

Anybody who paid 230-300 euros per hour could enjoy the company of celebrities and porn stars. Behind a world full of money, luxury cars and fancy parties, however, there are unpaid bills and deplorable fates.

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The suspect, who had connections 
at the police and the secret service

The police carried out even a secret investigation to uncover an alleged prostitution network. In the meantime, however, the protagonist of the case, Lajos Répás had some connections at the police, and indirectly at the secret service as well.

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The police were interested in the prostitute. Not in her politician client

The police uncovered an alleged prostitution ring a few years ago. They looked into the background of those who paid for the prostitutes but ignored the politician clients.

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Names of luxury hotels where Lázár stayed have been revealed

Lázár lost another legal battle, hotel names have to be disclosed

The Curia upheld the previous verdict that forced the Prime Minister’s Office to reveal the names of the hotel where Lázár stayed in Milan and Zurich. Both trips drew attention because of unusually high hotel bills.

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When companies become black holes for EU funds

Police investigate the inexplicably high prices of Elios, former company of PM’s son-in-law

Name of Lázár’s London hotel has to be disclosed, court rules

The Prime Minister’s Office has to disclose where János Lázár stayed on a trip to England in November 2012, which drew attention because of high hotel bills, a court ruled on Thursday. The ruling is not legally binding yet.

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