Public money keeps flowing to Orbán’s family: now they work on a state-owned power plant’s project

The businesses of the Hungarian PM’s family have participated in several public projects in recent years. Now two of the Orbán-companies are involved in the land rehabilitation work of a state-owned power plant.

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Péter Heim was very close to the Orbán-government. But a stormy autumn has changed everything

He served as deputy state minister. Meanwhile his company earned 325 thousand euros from state owned companies

Constructor of a swimming pool used for the FINA World Championships left behind debts of 1,7 million euros

A long-awaited swimming pool has been opened in January in Balatonfüred, and almost immediately the general contractor of the construction went under liquidation. Despite the millions of euros of public money invested into the construction, the general contractor left dozens of not fully paid subcontractors behind.

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How a long-time Fidesz operative has become in charge of billions of EU money

How Orbán tried to explain away his father’s involvement in public projects

He had a lucrative business with Orbán’s father but then they entered a dispute that courts have been sitting on for 9 years

Companies of the Orbán family slowed down but they keep churning out hefty profits

He was an interpreter for the Hungarian Prime Minister’s friend. Now he is a major player in state-funded railway projects

Company of Orbán’s father found in yet another huge EU-financed project

Hungarian MPs waste millions on hidden, dusty and expensive offices

How EU-funded projects secretly contributed to the Orbán family’s enrichment

Internal document shows that EU criticized public venture capital projects ran by influential Hungarian businessmen

How to divert millions from a program that is a source of pride for Viktor Orbán

A subsidy received thanks to a trick, and worth hundreds of millions of forints, was used to build Balatonfüred's swimming pool, an old dream of the locals. Although nothing unlawful happened, the story is bleeding from a thousand wounds.

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The minister had done official business with them, now his wife rents an office from their partner

Businessman close to Hungarian PM funded partner’s fledgling business with EU money

The business partner of Orbán’s friend had a factory, expected to be making 800 million HUF profit until the end of 2015. Eventually it made only 2 million. Its EU-funding was part of the very controversial Jeremie project.

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Leaked documents expose Hungarian oil company CEO’s controversial role in an EU programme

Meet the MP who left out nearly 5 million euros of his wealth declarations

New trial ordered in Budapest downtown corruption case

Company linked to PM’s son-in-law got involved in public project years before winning the tender, secret recording shows