How we exposed a secret conflict involving Russia, the United States, and Hungary

Magyarországnak ígért milliárdos fejlesztést is érint Trump mexikói határfala

The government closed the foreign trading houses but made an exception with PM Orban’s Turkish friend

How I found out that an opposition politician teamed up with the government’s allies

How we told the inside story of the oligarch who turned against Viktor Orbán

Russian arms dealer busted by U.S. agents in Hungary now out of jail after extradition

How we exposed some of the deepest secrets of Hungary’s controversial golden visa program

Orbán enged az USA-nak, de ő is kiharcolt valamit a katonai megállapodás tervezete szerint

Paks 2 is facing a risky modification that could favor the Russians

Logikus volt, hogy Orbán Moszkva felé fordult – Direkt36 podcast 2

Miért ültették alacsony székre az amerikaiak Szijjártó Pétert? Mennyire tehet arról az amerikai kormány, hogy Magyarország távolodni kezdett Washingtontól? És mennyire sikeres az egyszerre harsány és konfliktusos magyar külpolitika. Az amerikai-magyar-orosz viszony a Direkt36 podcastjában.

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Hungary Buying U.S. Missile System to Mend Ties with Trump Administration

Since the closure of Hungary’s Golden Visa Program, more foreigners receive residence permits for unclear purposes

Diplomatic Cable Reveals U.S. Frustrated with Orban’s Hungary

Egész éjszaka a Viktorral veszekedtünk – Direkt36 podcast 1

Inside the fall of the oligarch who turned against Viktor Orbán

Itt a hét legérdekesebb rész a Simicska bukását bemutató cikkünkből

Elegant flat beside the Danube and Romanian lands remained invisible in Hungarian legislator’s asset declaration

Russian diplomats caught spying in Hungary get expelled quietly as usual

Paks 2: This is what it looks like when influential people are positioning themselves around the project

Failed Bioethanol Project in Romania Leaves Unanswered Questions for Hungarian Legislator