The state minister issued denials and made threats. Then quietly corrected his wealth declarations

Nine more politicians declared previously hidden assets or state subsidies, after Direkt36 exposed mistakes in their wealth declarations. 27 million missing forints got included in the declarations, and several apologies were made.

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Investigations sparked by Panama Papers shut down quickly in Hungary

Government promotes industrial park where prime minister’s son-in-law owns property

Police Investigate Public Contract Won Through False Claims

Inside the killing of Népszabadság, Hungary’s biggest opposition paper

How the news industry’s crisis, the power games of influential businessmen, and the politically motivated redrawing of Hungary’s media landscape led to the death of the emblematic newspaper.

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Orbán’s son-in-law moves back towards public money by purchasing new company

He was complaining about business. Then his acquaintance became minister

Some years ago Sándor Börcsök, a Hungarian liquidator had complained about not receiving lucrative assignments. Then his old acquaintance, Miklós Seszták became the minister responsible for the liquidation industry and many things have changed.

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Company Wins Major Public Contract Through False Claims

Hungarian businessman close to the government and former EU commissioner appear in new batch of leaked offshore files

The leaked files contain data on more than 175 thousand companies registered in The Bahamas. The records exposed the hidden offshore connection of a former EU commissioner, Neelie Kroes, and the offshore interest of a well-connected Hungarian businessman.

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While Hungary’s PM Attacks Brussels, His Brother’s Company Gets Money From The EU

Several MPs failed to declare subsidies received from the state

We looked into politicians’ assets. Police started a harassment investigation

A Direkt36 has revealed how several politicians filed incorrect or incomplete wealth declarations. Minister of state László Tasó was among them. He turned to the police claiming that he and his family were harassed. The police have launched an investigation.

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Opposition politician appears to be almost penniless. But his companies are quite well off

When a politician’s wealth is hidden with the spouse

An MP’s company received millions of public funds. His wealth declaration shows nothing of it

Hungarian PM’s errors also show the weakness of the wealth declaration system

Here’s how the relatives of a state minister benefited from EU projects

In recent years, people close to State Minister, László Tasó have found themselves in an advantageous position during major EU-funded renovations in Nyíradony, like in the case of a renovated hunting mansion. Tasó used to be the mayor of the city for 20 years, his local influence is still obvious, but he claims all these to be trumped-up connections.

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Another Fidesz MP omitted an asset from his wealth declaration

Imre Pesti, a member of the governing party, failed to declare his right to use a property. Such assets have to be reported and several of his fellow politicians followed this rule, still, Pesti thinks that he did not do anything wrong.

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Hidden assets

A senior government official concealed his lands and millions

Direkt36 and its partners have built a database to uncover the hidden controversies of politicians’ wealth declarations. Minister of State László Tasó, for example, concealed some of his lands for years and forgot to declare millions of state subsidies.

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