Companies formerly involved in Hungary’s Golden Visa program now advertise new visa business in Vietnam

Advertisements about Hungarian residency through real estate investment first appeared in China, now in Vietnam. This is not a state-run program, but it is partly organised by companies that were also involved in the government’s controversial residency bond program.

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MP files criminal complaint over Hungarian residence permit of the Syrian dictator’s moneyman

Orbán’s son-in-law extends his influence over major real estate company

Panama Papers expose new details in major corruption case

The so-called Eclipse scandal was one of the biggest corruption cases of the last two decades in Hungary. The new Panama Papers now reveal that a businessman with extensive connections to the government signed a consultancy contract with Eclipse through an offshore company.

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New Panama Papers Inquiry Reveals Details of Hungary’s Golden Visa Program

A well-connected lawyer wins contract in Hungary’s gigantic nuclear project

Company that announced new Hungarian immigration program backs down and deletes ads

New Hungarian immigration program advertised by a businessman, previously in controversial Golden Visa scheme

The U.S. is so fed up with Hungary’s passport fraud problem that it’s threatening to kick the country out of its visa waiver program

Viktor Orban and Donald Trump might be kindred spirits but there is a serious conflict between their governments over national security threats, a joint story by Direkt36 and The Washington Post has revealed.

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How we teamed up with The Washington Post to expose a secret conflict between the U.S. and Hungary

A few weeks ago we reached out to The Washington Post and told them that we are working on a story that might be of interest for them as well. It turned out that it did.

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How Viktor Orban’s government is favoring the Russians over a Hungarian company in a big business deal

Ganz won the tender with the backing of a state-owned Hungarian bank, but the deal fell through when the Hungarian government decided to redirect the loan to a group with Russian participation instead.

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The EU Anti-Fraud Office investigated irregularities reported by Direkt36

OLAF found several irregularities in the implementation of the Jeremie venture capital programme in Hungary previously reported by Direkt36 in cooperation with Forbes.

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Businessman winning state contracts watched football match with Viktor Orbán

Nem jött össze a hatalmas spórolás, ami az Elios-nak milliárdokat ért

Jelentős energiamegtakarítást vállalt Tiborcz István egykori cége azokban a városokban, ahol felújította a közvilágítást. Két város fogyasztási adatai alapján valamennyit javult a helyzet, de a kitűzött cél nagyon messze van, és kétséges, hogy az Elios által beszerelt lámpákkal valaha elérhető.

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The moneyman of Bashar al-Assad received permanent residence permit in Hungary after having been put on U.S. sanction list

Hungarian authorities do not plan to carry out further investigations or to revoke the permanent residence permit of two the two Syrian men with controversial backgrounds named in the joint investigation of Direkt36 and 444. According to the Immigration Office, one of them did not buy residency bonds, contrary to what a close relative of his told Direkt36.

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The moneyman of Bashar al-Assad and a suspect of a serious international crime participated in Hungary’s Golden Visa program

Orbán legtöbbet költő tanácsadójának étkezési szokásait védve titkolózik a kormány

Hegedűs Zsuzsa rekord összeget költött reprezentációra. A számlákat nem mutatja meg a kormány, mert azokból megismerhetnénk a kedvenc boltjait. Pedig állítólag nem magának vásárolt havi átlag 136 ezerért.

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Orbán’s Game

The Eight Most Interesting Revelations From Our Orbán-Putin Story

Why did Orbán’s ally had a business meeting with the Russian secret service? Why was it so important for Orbán to buy the Russian stake in Hungary’s oil company? How tough is Putin with his own men? And some more interesting details from our investigation.

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Senior official says no residency bond buyers stayed in Hungary. But we have found several of them

Chinese citizens have been flocking to Hungary. But since public outrages forced the suspension of the country’s Golden Visa program last year, these new guests have begun to wonder if they’ll get their investment back.

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