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Government official János Lázár gibbers about suspicious tenders won by the son-in-law of the Prime Minister

The European Union’s antifraud office has found serious irregularities in public projects carried out by a company formerly owned by the son-in-law of Hungary’s PM. The government has already received the report, but it does not publish it. Earlier it had been not that secretive in a similar case.

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Hungarian town decided to build a hostel for talented kids from public money. But the construction ended up in a four-star hotel

The Hungarian town of Balatonfüred received over 1,5 million euros to build an academy for young handball players, but it turned out to be a four-star hotel. A standard room for two nights cost 265 euros, they call it a test run.

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Orbán’s best paid advisor spends an outstanding amount on representation too

Zsuzsa Hegedűs is the advisor of the Hungarian PM on social cohesion.
She recently got an outstanding pay-raise and she also spends the most
on representation despite her apparent inactivity.

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Constructor of a swimming pool used for the FINA World Championships left behind debts of 1,7 million euros

A long-awaited swimming pool has been opened in January in Balatonfüred, and almost immediately the general contractor of the construction went under liquidation. Despite the millions of euros of public money invested into the construction, the general contractor left dozens of not fully paid subcontractors behind.

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He had a lucrative business with Orbán’s father but then they entered a dispute that courts have been sitting on for 9 years

Hungarian MPs waste millions on hidden, dusty and expensive offices

How to divert millions from a program that is a source of pride for Viktor Orbán

A subsidy received thanks to a trick, and worth hundreds of millions of forints, was used to build Balatonfüred's swimming pool, an old dream of the locals. Although nothing unlawful happened, the story is bleeding from a thousand wounds.

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Hogyan cserkésztem be Tiborcz Istvánt?

Meet the MP who left out nearly 5 million euros of his wealth declarations

Company linked to PM’s son-in-law got involved in public project years before winning the tender, secret recording shows

The firm had got involved in the preparations of a major public project nearly two years before it won the tender for it, shows a secretly made audio recording obtained by Direkt36.

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Prime minister’s son-in-law sold his property business to an offshore company

Government promotes industrial park where prime minister’s son-in-law owns property

Orbán’s son-in-law moves back towards public money by purchasing new company

When a politician’s wealth is hidden with the spouse

Hungarian PM’s errors also show the weakness of the wealth declaration system

Police closed investigation into the public tenders linked to Orban’s son-in-law

One and a half year of investigation was not enough to find a reasonable suspicion in the case of the controversial public procurement businesses of Elios Innovatív. According to the Hungarian police, it is the true nature of the free market that a company can set different prices for similar lamps. Continue reading

Prime minister’s son-in-law gets hefty dividend from his company

Here’s how Orban’s office helped his son-in-law’s company win tenders

Public records on politically sensitive lands withheld from Direkt36

We wanted to look into public property data in the home town of the Hungarian prime minister. At first, we had access to the data, but since the beginning of April the authorities refuse to give out data, which is public by law. The land registry claims to protect the privacy of the estate owners from us.

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Controversial Hungarian company made record profit from state commissions

The company formerly owned by the son-in-law of the Hungarian prime minister had a blast last year: its revenues skyrocketed to 24,8 million euros, and the current owner, a billionaire businessman took out 3,1 million in dividends. Virtually all the income of the company comes from public procurements and other state commissions.

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