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A Hungarian company came under Russian influence. Now it could receive another contract in Hungary’s nuclear project

The car rental company that is likely to be contracted by Rosatom is under the influence of a Russian bank. One of the company’s owners previously held high in a gas trading company with ties to Russia.

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The business partner of Lorinc Meszaros is bidding for two valueable Paks 2 tenders

Viktor Orban’s government has become an enthusiastic partner in Russia’s financial expansion

Vladimir Putin resurrected the International Investment Bank a few years ago to increase Russia’s influence in Central and Eastern Europe. Hungary has become one of the most active investors of the financial institution.

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Opposition politician’s businesses are thriving after he teamed up with businessmen close to Viktor Orban’s government

The company group of Gergo Czegledy who is influential within Budapest circles and his partners with links to the government won over the past years state tenders in the value of several billions of forints.

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A well-connected lawyer wins contract in Hungary’s gigantic nuclear project

Tamas Perenyei was a state secretary during the first Orban-government and he maintains friendly relations with OTP-leader Sandor Csanyi. Last year, he bought a company which now signed a contract with Rosatom.

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How Viktor Orban’s government is favoring the Russians over a Hungarian company in a big business deal

Ganz won the tender with the backing of a state-owned Hungarian bank, but the deal fell through when the Hungarian government decided to redirect the loan to a group with Russian participation instead.

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The EU Anti-Fraud Office investigated irregularities reported by Direkt36

OLAF found several irregularities in the implementation of the Jeremie venture capital programme in Hungary previously reported by Direkt36 in cooperation with Forbes.

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How we started our investigation into the Hungarian-Russian relationship

Our article about Klaus Mangold was our first Russian-related story. We received information from government officials and a foreign source who examined Mangold’s activities on behalf of other investors.

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Orbán’s Game

The Eight Most Interesting Revelations From Our Orbán-Putin Story

Why did Orbán’s ally had a business meeting with the Russian secret service? Why was it so important for Orbán to buy the Russian stake in Hungary’s oil company? How tough is Putin with his own men? And some more interesting details from our investigation.

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How Russians forced out Hungarians from a major company of Hungary’s new nuclear project

Its managing director, Attila Szitár-Csanádi, is known as one of Rosatom’s most trusted people in Hungary. He has played an important role in a controversial decision of the University of Debrecen, which announced last year that it would give an honorary citizenship to president Putin.

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Company linked to Orbán’s brother won major public tender with the highest bid

Here are the Hungarians with contracts for Paks 2 projects

The construction of the new Paks nuclear power plant may have not started yet but Rosatom has already been signing project-related contracts for months. Among the Hungarian partners, there is a company that does not even have a website nor a public telephone number.

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The Mysterious German Behind Viktor Orban’s Russian Deals

Klaus Mangold, a German businessman with good connections in Russia, has played a crucial role in the controversial nuclear deal between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a Direkt36 investigation has found.

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How a long-time Fidesz operative has become in charge of billions of EU money

A longtime Fidesz operator’s path to EU billions

Internal document shows that EU criticized public venture capital projects ran by influential Hungarian businessmen

Ministers usually avoid investigative reporters. But this one wanted to meet me

Leaked documents expose Hungarian oil company CEO’s controversial role in an EU programme

Oil company CEO gave public money to the companies of his relative and long-time business partner