How state funds help the miracle business of a top minister’s former wife

Western allies puzzled by Hungary’s mild reaction to Russian hacking

“Az erőszak garantálja a sikert” – Így tarolta le a fél világot az Uber

124 ezer belső irat szivárgott ki az Uber amerikai techóriástól, az International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) nevű nemzetközi újságíró szervezet és 180 újságíró dolgozta fel őket. Az együttműködés egyedüli magyar tagja a Direkt36 volt. Az iratok az Uber ellentmondásos belső működésébe és agresszív lobbizási gyakorlatába nyújtanak betekintést.

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Leaked files of Uber reveal secret lobbying operations in Hungary

As part of an international investigative project, Direkt36 has gained access to the lobbying files of Uber, the world’s most well-known ride-sharing company. These documents revealed that the US company’s representatives had access to Hungarian ministers and other decision-makers. In the end, however, the Orbán government turned out to be more afraid of upsetting Hungarian taxi drivers, and this was partly the reason why Uber was defeated, and eventually left Hungary.

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Sinking ground on the Paks II nuclear power plant site could further delay the project

Orbán government keeps silent about Russian residency bond owners – even as the EU prepares to end the practice

Cables show how Orbán’s diplomats gather information on journalists

Inside the opposition’s crushing defeat against Viktor Orbán

A tíz legmeghökkentőbb dolog, ami az ellenzéki kampányban történt

The cost of the MNB’s new prestige investment, given to a friend of Matolcsy’s son, has been very high

The attorney became a Pegasus target when one of Hungary’s most notorious murder cases took a turn

Putin’s hackers gained full access to Hungary’s foreign ministry networks, the Orbán government has been unable to stop them

Russian state actors hacked into the Hungarian Foreign Ministry’s computer network compromising internal correspondence and even a secure network that transmits classified information. The recurring cyberattacks over the past decade were kept quiet by the Orbán government, and have not been successfully countered. With the help of internal documents and background interviews, Direkt36 exposes Russian cyber espionage against Hungary’s MFA.

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Former Hungarian ambassador to China was targeted with Pegasus – shortly before becoming senior advisor to Orbán

Inside Viktor Orbán’s war for Index, Hungary’s most influential news website

Inside Orbán’s Fidesz party preparing for Hungary’s parliamentary election

“Please, don’t report about this at all! Thanks!” – How the Hungarian state news agency censors politically unpleasant news

Leaked documents show how Orbán’s circle dictates the news at Hungary’s state news agency

Spies, business deals and criminals. How Orbán favors Russian interests instead of Western ones

In the past 12 years, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government has gotten into a situation many times, when they had to decide between the interests of Western allies, or Russia. Direkt36 has revealed many cases, where, in the end, the government favored Vladimir Putin and his circles. It occurred, for example, that they drove a Hungarian company out of business, just to be able to make space for a Russian firm.

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A brand new Porsche, a special Ferrari, and billionaire businesses show the rise of Matolcsy’s circle

A Pegasus felemelkedése – a kémszoftver eddig ismert magyar célpontjai