To please China, Orbán’s government shifted plans to favor Fudan’s campus over Student City

Inside the secrets of the Orbán family’s businesses

Orbán’s son-in-law and his associates among beneficiaries of favorable state COVID-loans

Huge Chinese loan to cover the construction of Fudan University in Budapest

Chinese workers will construct Fudan’s Budapest campus using Chinese building materials, all covered by a Chinese loan, but the Hungarian state is the one paying the huge bill. Fudan University has already picked a contractor: state-owned China State Construction Engineering Corporation, a company embroiled in suspicions of corruption and espionage in several countries around the world.

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The mine of the Orbán family pays the highest dividend among its competitors

Until now, Orbán’s family has stayed away from public procurements. Now the company of his brother won a lucrative one

How Russians got a second chance at lucrative rail deal from Hungary

Company with murky background is at the center of Hungary’s Chinese vaccine deal

Chinese spy games in Orbán’s Hungary

Government’s friends get a chance to profit from the economic downturn

A fugitive wanted for murder became a businessman in Budapest under false identity

Inside Viktor Orbán’s slow response to the second wave of COVID19

Orbán’s father offers building materials for a much higher price than the competition

„Read this! It’s crazy!” How the machine of crypto investment fraudsters works

“Don’t even try, sweetie, because I’m running out of patience” – We asked Viktor Orbán’s father about his involvement in state projects

Opposition politician profited from business deals with the Hungarian government’s inner circles. Now, the EU has identified irregularities in several of their deals

How sloppy coronavirus measures pushed healthcare workers to the brink of death

Secret battles of Orban’s rival – Budapest’s first year under opposition rule

Orban’s father was involved in controversial road construction

Offshore company involved in suspicious transactions was protected by Hungarian bank, leaked secret files show

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