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Prime minister’s son-in-law sold his property business to an offshore company

Investigations sparked by Panama Papers shut down quickly in Hungary

Police Investigate Public Contract Won Through False Claims

Inside the killing of Népszabadság, Hungary’s biggest opposition paper

Company Wins Major Public Contract Through False Claims

Hungarian businessman close to the government and former EU commissioner appear in new batch of leaked offshore files

The leaked files contain data on more than 175 thousand companies registered in The Bahamas. The records exposed the hidden offshore connection of a former EU commissioner, Neelie Kroes, and the offshore interest of a well-connected Hungarian businessman.

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While Hungary’s PM Attacks Brussels, His Brother’s Company Gets Money From The EU

Former notary and entrepreneur acquitted in corruption case

Tapped phone calls reveal new details of the corruption case in Central Budapest

Name of London luxury hotel where Lázár stayed has been revealed

After a lawsuit that lasted for more than two years, the government disclosed where János Lázár, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, stayed during his trip to London in 2012. It was a 5-star luxury hotel.

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Database revealing thousands of secret offshore companies published

Offshore secrets of Hungarian billionaires revealed

Panama Papers: Hungarian billionaires’s offshore secrets revealed

How the Hungarian part of the Panama Papers project started

Panama papers show a hidden business link between a former Hungarian state bank chief and an Austrian media investor

Erős János korábbi MFB-vezér egy befolyásos osztrák üzletemberrel, Heinrich Pecinával üzletelt egy panamai cégen keresztül. Régóta ismerik egymást, vadászni is szoktak együtt.

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Panama Papers: Hungarian socialist politician left the party as his offshore interest emerged

She’s a teacher with a Swiss bank account. And she’s also a politician’s wife

Socialist politician László Boldvai’s wife is a high school teacher but drives a BMW and had an offshore company with a Swiss bank account. A new story from the Panama Papers.

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Massive offshore leaks reveal former government politician’s hidden business

Millions of leaked offshore documents reveal the hidden businesses and assets of world leaders and politicians, including a former MP of Hungary’s governing party. He got involved in a secret offshore company while he was still in parliament.

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Notary and businessman became extremely close, corruption trial reveals

The trial of the alleged District 5 corruption cases has started with the testimonies of the defendants. What emerged is a story of how a businessman with a wide network of contacts built an extremely close relationship with one of the most senior public officials of the district.

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How Brussels took on the son-in-law of Hungary’s Prime Minister