Direkt36 is 1 year old

Forrás: Direkt36 - Németh Gyula

How we looked behind the scenes of Jobbik

What led us to write about the architect of Jobbik’s rise? And why did our reporter have to have so many meetings in shopping malls?

Forrás: Vanik Zoltán

How we got to the bottom of a mysterious corruption case

It started as other investigations. There was something that simply didn’t make sense.


Robinson’s island

I’ve never watched an Oscar ceremony all along before but this year I had two very good reasons. Son of Saul and Spotlight, respectively. This pairing could be the starting point of a lot of philosophy on the similarities and differences of the roles arts and journalism can play in digging out the truth and […]

Fotó: Németh Dániel

How we investigated the son-in-law of Hungary’s prime minister

(Magyar) Baljós körülmények között kezdődött az a találkozó, amely Vorák Anitának, a Direkt36 újságírójának megadta a kezdő lökést az Orbán Viktor vejét érintő nyomozásához. Most elmeséli a cikksorozat készítésének részleteit.