Tao millions

(Magyar) Fotó: Vorák Anita, Direkt36

Hungarian town decided to build a hostel for talented kids from public money. But the construction ended up in a four-star hotel

The Hungarian town of Balatonfüred received over 1,5 million euros to build an academy for young handball players, but it turned out to be a four-star hotel. A standard room for two nights cost 265 euros, they call it a test run.

Constructor of a swimming pool used for the FINA World Championships left behind debts of 1,7 million euros

A long-awaited swimming pool has been opened in January in Balatonfüred, and almost immediately the general contractor of the construction went under liquidation. Despite the millions of euros of public money invested into the construction, the general contractor left dozens of not fully paid subcontractors behind.

(Magyar) Fotó: Vorák Anita - Direkt36

How to divert millions from a program that is a source of pride for Viktor Orbán

A subsidy received thanks to a trick, and worth hundreds of millions of forints, was used to build Balatonfüred's swimming pool, an old dream of the locals. Although nothing unlawful happened, the story is bleeding from a thousand wounds.