Company Wins Major Public Contract Through False Claims

Hungarian businessman close to the government and former EU commissioner appear in new batch of leaked offshore files

The leaked files contain data on more than 175 thousand companies registered in The Bahamas. The records exposed the hidden offshore connection of a former EU commissioner, Neelie Kroes, and the offshore interest of a well-connected Hungarian businessman.

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While Hungary’s PM Attacks Brussels, His Brother’s Company Gets Money From The EU

When a politician’s wealth is hidden with the spouse

Hungarian PM’s errors also show the weakness of the wealth declaration system

How the Hungarian part of the Panama Papers project started

Massive offshore leaks reveal former government politician’s hidden business

Millions of leaked offshore documents reveal the hidden businesses and assets of world leaders and politicians, including a former MP of Hungary’s governing party. He got involved in a secret offshore company while he was still in parliament.

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Robinson’s island

I’ve never watched an Oscar ceremony all along before but this year I had two very good reasons. Son of Saul and Spotlight, respectively. This pairing could be the starting point of a lot of philosophy on the similarities and differences of the roles arts and journalism can play in digging out the truth and Read More

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„Semmit nem szabad elhinni” – így készült a letelepedési kötvényes cikkünk

How Brussels took on the son-in-law of Hungary’s Prime Minister

Mystery Entrepreneur: His Company Is Flush With State Money, Yet He Keeps Working as a Hotel Employee

The company received most of its contracts from Budapest 5th district, during the mayoral term of prominent government politician, Antal Rogán. Direkt36’s investigation also revealed that the firm has several links to a businessman who had close business relationship with the district in the past.

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