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Péter Heim was very close to the Orbán-government. But a stormy autumn has changed everything

He served as deputy state minister. Meanwhile his company earned 325 thousand euros from state owned companies

How a long-time Fidesz operative has become in charge of billions of EU money

A longtime Fidesz operator’s path to EU billions

Businessman close to Hungarian PM funded partner’s fledgling business with EU money

The business partner of Orbán’s friend had a factory, expected to be making 800 million HUF profit until the end of 2015. Eventually it made only 2 million. Its EU-funding was part of the very controversial Jeremie project.

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Inside the killing of Népszabadság, Hungary’s biggest opposition paper

Several MPs failed to declare subsidies received from the state

An MP’s company received millions of public funds. His wealth declaration shows nothing of it

Another Fidesz MP omitted an asset from his wealth declaration

Imre Pesti, a member of the governing party, failed to declare his right to use a property. Such assets have to be reported and several of his fellow politicians followed this rule, still, Pesti thinks that he did not do anything wrong.

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How we looked behind the scenes of Jobbik

How the relatives of Jobbik’s leaders got on the party payroll

The greatest problem of Hungary is corruption and nepotism, says Gábor Vona, the president of the Hungarian radical party, Jobbik. In this respect, Jobbik could be a subject of criticism as well. Close family members of seven out of eight board members of the party were commissioned with important or highly valued projects from Jobbik.

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When public money goes to friends. This time through Jobbik

Jobbik paid millions to companies of the friends of one of its associates for writing political studies. Even though they do not have much to do with politics: one of them is a car mechanic, another is an accountant.

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The man behind Jobbik’s rise

Jobbik has become the second largest party in Hungary in only a few years. A low-profile man named Richárd Forrai played a key role in this as a major force in making Jobbik a professional political organization.

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